5 meaningful touches for your wedding day

Sprinkle extra romance over your wedding with these ideas to make it personal

You might be so caught up in making your wedding fun for guests that you push aside details that are just for you and your groom-to-be. But when all the fun is over it’s the special touches that you’ll remember most – and we don’t mean grand romantic gestures, but the little things you do for each other to show your love on your big day. These five simple ideas will help stop you from getting so caught up in everything going perfectly that you forget to focus on the real meaning of your wedding…


1. Get rings engraved

Plan a thoughtful surprise that only you two will know about – whether it’s getting your wedding date engraved inside your rings or his initials embroidered onto the hem of your wedding dress. You’ll get the same feeling you used to get in class when you’ve shared a secret with your best friend and you catch their eye for a knowing smile.

2. Write love notes for the wedding morning

Getting ready takes up a big chunk of your wedding day, so don’t let it become all about the glamour and make-up. Arrange to swap letters with your groom the night before and open them on your wedding morning so that all the reasons you’re marrying each other are fresh in your mind. Just read his before you’ve got your eye make-up on.


3. Personalise your ceremony

So many couples say that the ceremony in their favourite part of the day, so you’ll want to savour every moment. Take your time saying the vows to really think about the words. And don’t think a civil ceremony means a cookie cutter wedding – introduce a special element such as lighting a unity candle, which is done by the bride and groom from two separate family candles.

4. Put thought into your wedding playlist

Don’t let the DJ run wild with Cha Cha Slide – give them a bit of guidance. Write down all the tunes that featured throughout your romance – and we don’t mean a string of love songs, think upbeat music you used to rock out to together when you first started dating.

5. Take time out together


In the whirlwind of your wedding it can be easy to spend quality time with everyone apart from your partner. So at some point during the evening, slip away for a walk around your venue grounds where you can reflect and remind yourselves what the day’s all about.