5 wedding friendship conflicts to avoid

Remember these things to make sure your wedding planning is argument free

You don’t have to be a detective to see it coming in wedding films. What begins as a group of excitable girls planning an extravagant “bachelorette” party ends up in mascara-stained faces and plots for revenge. Now, we’re not suggesting you’re going to sabotage any bridal showers like Annie’s meltdown scene in Bridesmaids, but we know that the stress of wedding planning can cause trouble in paradise. So, to avoid conflict with your favourite ladies, follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to keep things sweet.


Bridesmaid dress shopping

Finding a dress that suits everyone… Deciding who pays for what… Getting a date in the diary that everyone can make… Tread carefully when it comes to kitting out your maids, as it’s easy to ruffle feathers. The last thing you want is a bridesmaid in distress on your wedding morning because she has to wear her sartorial nightmare in public.

Although it takes the pressure off if you’re letting your ladies choose their own dresses, set them a budget at the start and always bring up who’s paying for shoes. And if you expect them to fork out for their own alterations, tell them early rather than invoice them afterwards.


It’s a fact that some of your friends will have more money than others. Even if they’re all financially comfortable, the ones with kids might balk at throwing a few hundred quid at a hen party more than those with only themselves to look after. Plan options to suit different budgets – if you’re doing five-star Ibiza for your hen party, have a celebration when you get home, too, so that everyone can get involved. Just don’t get mad if some of your friends can’t pay for every aspect of your big day.

Time expectations

Jobs, family and their sheer passion for weddings affect how much energy your friends will put into the planning process. Accept help gratefully but don’t expect anything (even from your bridesmaids). They’ll do their best to be there for you – but if you can’t get weddings off the brain at 2am, it’s probably best to pester your groom.


Don’t let the green-eyed monster raise its head by excluding any bridesmaids from the fun wedding planning stuff. Even if you know they’ll turn down that shopping date or planning session, still invite them to make them feel like they’re not being pushed out.

Hen party


Having hen party woes? Console yourself with the Bridesmaids scene where Annie’s restaurant choice gets her the blame for mass food poisoning. Communication is key for happy hens – that means listening to what they say and keeping everyone in the loop at every stage. It’s impossible to please everyone down to the last phallic inflatable, but avoid landing any big surprises on them, such as a huge bill or activity they’ll hate. Last-minute dropouts will cause you stress, but if it happens, keep some perspective and just be glad they’ll be there on your wedding day.