6 easy ways to save money on your wedding

Save money on your wedding venue, entertainment, hair and makeup and more!

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Whether you spend £500, £5,000 or £50,000 on your wedding your guests will have a great time because they’re celebrating your big day. Your love and happiness will be what they remember, not the wedding favours or the quality of the bridesmaid’s dresses.


So follow these easy saving tips from money.co.uk representative Martin Lane…

Start by setting a budget. Work out together what you can realistically afford and include any monies your family have promised to contribute. Don’t over stretch yourselves – there’s no point starting out married life saddled with debt because you wanted to keep up with the Jones’.


Then, consider spreading the cost. Does your budget include the cost of your engagement party, stag/hen do and honeymoon? Spreading the dates of all of those events out across a year or two to help spread the cost and give you time to save up, especially if you have big plans for each. You don’t have to rush off on honeymoon the day after you get married – why not agree to go a few months later. That way you can enjoy sharing memories with your wedding guests in the days after. You’ll be surprised at the list of things you’ll need to do post the wedding day too!

Finally, keep an open mind. These 6 tips will save you money but they buck the trend – have the confidence to push the boundaries and keep things real. Impress your guests with an alternative spin on your wedding.

1. Alternative wedding venues: Why not do the legal bit in a registry office with just the two of you and a few witnesses and then have the big blow out party at a venue that doesn’t have a wedding licence. The possibilities are endless, with places like your local outdoor pool or park possibilities. Get guests to bring a camping chair and get married in some woods, celebrate at your favourite festival or even your own back garden. It’s not strictly a legal wedding but it’s a celebration of your wedding and you could even exchange vows you’ve both written yourselves in front of your guests. To your guests it will feel like a “proper” wedding and you’ll feel just as special.


2. Keep the entertainment on the down low: Everyone loves a good old dance but don’t feel pressured to book a live band. Hire or borrow some big speakers and collate a wedding playlist on your phone. Perhaps ask your guests to send you their favourite song to play. Ask your friends if any of them have any party tricks they could entertain everyone with.

3. DIY hair & makeup: Use your bridesmaids. Get them to do a few trial runs and look up makeup and hair tips on YouTube for ideas and styles. Give yourself plenty of time to practice and ask if they’d oblige on the day.

4. Get crafty: There are hundreds of ideas for table centrepieces on Pinterest. Get pinning and collecting those tin cans and jam jars. You’ll have fun doing it and you can recruit the help of your friends too.


5. Get your love ones to rally around you: One of the most beautiful things about a wedding is how two families come together. Between your two families there are bound to be keen photographers, cake bakers, artists and musicians. Once you start asking around you’ll be surprised how many hidden talents your friends and family have.


6. Paying for it all: If you pay for your wedding items on a cashback credit card you can get as much as 5% back, plus you get the added bonus of Section 75 protection so you can make a claim with your credit card provider if something goes wrong.