Best ways to rekindle romance at Christmas time

December is the month for festivities, food, bubbles and time off. It’s also the month to enjoy time with your partner again. The year flies by so quickly but December brings us the opportunity to slow down and relax. Here’s how to love a little more at this time of year…..

Hang the mistletoe


This is the perfect way to start the Christmas love. Hang a little mistletoe in the doorway to your home or in an archway that encourages you and your partner to have a cheeky little kiss as you cross paths.

Cook together

Cooking together can be so fun, not to mention half the work! Look up some festive recipes, bubble up some mulled wine as you play around in the kitchen and have fun cooking up new dishes together that you can then sit down to eat and enjoy.


Take country walks

Don’t let winter months trap you indoors on the sofa. Getting out into the fresh air is so calming, and a fun way to enjoy time together.

Turn the TV off for an evening

Before the Christmas films take over the evenings and weekends, make a conscious effort to turn your TV off as often as you can. If you eat with the TV on then definitely make a point of switching the box off so you can talk and enjoy each other’s company as you eat your evening meal.


Form a routine

If you’re trying to change something in your life then changing your routine is the way forward. Start your day off with a moment between you and your partner before you jump out of bed. Vocalise your daily aspirations and repeat them, know what you are thankful for, foresee the day ahead and go out into the world. Being appreciative will greatly reduce the risk of niggly arguments.

Share your happiness with others without being smug

Happiness is spread through those who carry it. As a couple you can be the shining example and pass your good vibes onto others.


Make a change

Christmas is about being selfless. Step out of your busy routine and think about others, whether this be your partner, your family, friends or a stranger. There are plenty of ways to give your time or money to someone in need. It could be as simple as stepping out of the mundane routine and surprising your partner with flowers or a spontaneous evening singling Christmas carols by candlelight.

Give a gift

It’s easy to go overboard at Christmas with the presents, especially with all of the beautiful lights sparkling over the cities and towns. Don’t be tempted to buy what you don’t need. Buy thoughtful gifts and remember time together is equally important. You may wish to give your gift to someone else really in need via Oxfam’s Give a Gift scheme, leaving you time to spend with your partner during the festive break.

Give your time

Time is the most precious thing these days, and living together doesn’t necessarily mean quality time. Dedicate time to one another at the weekend or one evening. Plan the time and what you will be doing so you have something to look forward to and learn to fall in love again.



When you’re not rushing out of the door at 7am during the Christmas break, take time for yourself, make yourself feel and look good before stepping out to the Christmas party or family parities. Feeling great will lift your spirits and help share your appreciation for others. Compliment your partner on something that you know means a lot to him/her; this will go a long way.