Ceremonial Timings

Royal Wedding Excitement Reaches Fever Pitch As The Order Of Kate Middleton And Prince Williams' Ceremony Is Finally Revealed...

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The Royal Wedding is fast approaching and whether you’re travelling to Westminster or tuning in from home, follow our guide to what to do and when on 29 April.


In the busy hustle and bustle of central London, it’ll be an early start if you want to beat the crowds, so be sure to arrive between 8.15am and 9.45am; the earlier the better. The best views can be seen from The Mall, Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall, Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park.

Once you’ve secured a position, let the proceedings begin! First up, Prince William will arrive with Prince Harry at 10.15am, followed by Kate’s mother Carole and brother James Middleton.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the Queen will be wearing on the big day – a flamboyant hat no doubt! Catch a glimpse of Her Majesty when she arrives at 10.40am with the Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the royal family.

And what about the little bridesmaids? Will they be wearing floaty, whimsical little dresses? Or, perhaps Kate has opted for a more structured, Disney Princess look? Either way, they’re bound to look super-sweet. Find out at 10.55am when they arrive with the pageboys.

Eleven o’clock will be the time we’ve all been waiting for as the beautiful bride steps out of a classic Rolls-Royce: cue gasps and sighs. Will Kate be championing her signature hairstyle: down and wavy? And what about the dress? Rumours will finally be put to rest as we tune into the ceremony via audio speakers and giant television screens in Hyde Park.

After these magical moments, the royal party will set off to Buckingham Palace for an extravagant reception at 12.40pm.

Be sure to hang around if you want to see the royal couple and their families waving on the balcony at 1.25pm. Let’s hope the newlyweds follow suit with Diana and Charles in sharing their first kiss here. It’ll be picture-perfect, so cameras at the ready!

Celebrations will come to an end with a breathtaking Royal Air Force and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at 1.30pm – leaving you plenty of time to unwind in the afternoon with a post-royal-wedding tipple!

If you want to watch the wedding service in central London, more information is available at: direct.gov.uk/royalwedding, or you can follow our very own Royal Wedding Watch for more updates on all things royal-wedding.


Stephanie Stafford, Editorial Assistant