Cheryl Cole thinks pre-nups are disgusting

Following her marriage to French lover Jean-Bernard, Cheryl Cole (newly named Cheryl Fernandez-Versini) dismissed the idea of protecting her £16m fortune and has called pre-nups disgusting in the past. But legal expert Charlotte Bradley says they are ever more popular...

Cheryl and Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini

When she married footballer Ashley Cole in 2006, Cheryl Cole made her view on pre-nups very clear. 


At the time, she said: “I think that’s defeating the point. We’re getting married because we’re committing ourselves to each other to spend the rest of our lives together. No ifs and buts.”

Following the news that she’s married French lover Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, it seems her opinion hasn’t changed. While the X Factor judge hasn’t signed a document to protect her £16m assets, the use of pre-nuptual agreements is ever-increasing across the globe. Is it the right route for you? 

Family lawyer Charlotte Bradley of Kingsley Napley shares her views to help you decide…

Pre-nups are becoming more commonplace, especially following recent UK government proposals to give them greater legal weight and make them more enforceable.

The idea is to give more control to both parties of the financial outcome in the event of a split. 

Discussing and negotiating a pre-nup can be a useful exercise to ensure couples really know each other through and through and have a fair and solid relationship. They help ensure couples go into marriage with open eyes about each other’s attitudes to wealth, spending, life expectations, values and views on family.

Pre-nups are not romantic and not for everyone but are increasingly being seen as a pragmatic tool because one in three marriages do end in divorce.

They are particularly useful in terms of protecting “non-matrimonial assets”. For example, where one party wants to protect hard-earned wealth or inherited assets or ring-fence money for a child from a previous relationship. 

With the latest ONS statistics showing more people are choosing to get married these days than ever before, it is likely pre-nups will only continue to figure on even more couples’ to-do lists. 


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