How much you’ll spend on your wedding depends on your name

If you’re marrying a Richard, you’re in luck!

From where your groom is from determining how much he spends on your ring, to your age dictating how much your wedding dress will cost, we’re big fans of a wedding statistic, no matter how unscientific it is. 


The latest stat on our radar comes from OnBuy.com, who worked out who will spend the most on their wedding, depending on their name.

Are you a big spender or a budget bride?

To calculate the most spenny couples (and the biggest budgeters), OnBuy extracted the first name and salary from CVs uploaded to ValueMyCV, and worked out an average salary for 1,200 first names.

They then found out the age most people get married (34, apparently), and worked out the most popular named for little ones born that year (1984).

The most popular girls’ names of 1984 were then matched together with the most popular boys’ names of 1984, and listed in order of highest to lowest combined salary, to outline a wedding pot potential.

The survey revealed that Claire and Richard are the top “love match” for a lavish wedding – with £73,756 to spend on their big day, whereas Amy and Daniel are found to be the “thriftiest coupling” – with £60,073.

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How do you and your partner score?

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