How to balance Christmas with your wedding budget

Don’t let festive spending dent your wedding fund; we reveal how to tighten your purse strings this December

Christmas is probably the most expensive time of year; there’s prosecco to sip, presents for your fiancé to purchase and a freezer to fill, but if you’re busy saving for a wedding you might be getting anxious about how little you’ll be able to put into your big day fund this month.


With money going onto other things it can be hard to set aside the cash you usually put in your wedding savings stash, so we’ve come up with a few handy ways to celebrate Christmas without dipping into your big day budget.


Homemade Presents

You’ve likely heard this tip time and time again, but homemade presents are the perfect way to save money without missing out on the joy of giving.

With wedding planning underway, it’s likely you’re a goldmine of DIY wedding and craft ideas, be they invitations or favours, so it makes sense to create a few extra homemade goodies to give as gifts.

Some of our favorite homemade presents we’ve received include hand-sewn bunting (great way to recycle old clothes), mason jar cocktail kits (just put together a mini bottle of spirit and a soft drink in a kitsch jar, and voila!) and tea cup candles.

If you’re feeling super crafty, you could make your Christmas cards too.

Host Parties at Home

The festive period can feel like a never-ending flurry of invites to dinners and drinks parties, meaning lots of cash is spent on expensive cocktails and eating out.

If you have a group of friends that always has a Christmas get together, why not invite them over to your home instead? You’ll have just as much fun, without overspending. Besides, it’s the company you enjoy, not the place you’re in.

Have a BYO Christmas

If you’re hosting Christmas day for your family, why not make it really fun and get everyone to bring a special dish? You prepare the turkey, then allocate everyone something to bring along with, from roasted potatoes and Christmas pudding to cranberry sauce and pigs in blankets.

It’s a great way to get everyone involved in the fun, and not only does it save you money, it lessens the stress and pressure on you to get all the timings right to cook the perfect dinner.

Double up on Envelopes

Postage stamps are pretty pricey these days (something you’ll know all too well if you’ve sent out your save the date cards already!)

To save a bit of money on stamps this Christmas, be thrifty and put your Christmas card and wedding invitation in the same envelope (if you’re already planning to send your invites out over the festive, period, obviously.)

Sure, it’s less ceremonious than receiving an invite all alone, but it’s a sure fire way to spend less.

Gift List

We know it can be awkward asking for cash as a wedding present,  but it’s commonplace to request money for Christmas. If any family members ask what you’re hoping for under the tree this year, let them know you’d love money to put towards your wedding.


Hopefully the amount you’ll receive will balance out what you didn’t manage to put into the wedding fund this month, leaving you free to have festive fun without worrying how much that glass of mulled wine is going to set you back in wedding planning.