How to drop hints that you’re ready for a Christmas proposal

Six steps to securing an engagement ring in your stocking this festive season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for an engagement. You all know the story – come New Year your Facebook newsfeed will be overflowing with ring selfies, relationship status upgrades and general engagement-induced hysteria. But, who can really blame them – with the lights turned way down low and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Christmas is a pretty darn romantic time of year. But, will this year finally be your year…?


If your fingers, toes and other appendages are crossed for your man to get down on one knee with a ring in one hand and a glass of mulled wine in the other, it’s time to start dropping some serious hints. Get it right, and there might just be a tiny ring-box-shaped gift for you under the tree this year. After all, the best presents really do come in small packages…

1. Make it obvious

Whoever said ‘good things come to those who wait’ was lying. While your man might be super-human in your eyes, the chances are he’s not a mind reader. If you want to get engaged, tell him. Make it clear that you’re happy, settled and see a future together. Even better, talk about your hopes, dreams and potential plans for things 10 years down the line.

2. But not too obvious…

Put down that bunny and step away from the cooker – there is such a thing as being too obvious. A few brazen hints are all well and good, but so is a little patience. If you’re both in it for the long haul and you’ve made it clear that you’re ready for a ring on your finger, he’ll know what he has to do. Much like your annual Brussels sprouts, proposal hints aren’t something you want endlessly rammed down your throat. Think baby steps as opposed to giant off-the-cliff leaps – you get the idea.

3. Chat about the future

Make sure your man has had a serious think about his future; hopefully it’s one where he can’t envisage life without you. Casual one-liners like ‘when we’re married…’ should work, as could mentioning your future children – just make sure he’s swallowed down his turkey first to avoid risk of choking. On a serious note, it’s important you and your FTB (fiancé to be) share the same values when it comes to having a family, living arrangements and getting through tricky times.

4. Have patience

Nothing kills romance quicker than going on and on and on about how much you want that magical proposal. Proposing takes time, thought and planning – if it means waiting to Christmas 2015, then so be it.

5. Make sure he’s ready

If he’s not popped the question yet and you feel like you’ve been waiting around for years, even though you’re totally secure relationship wise, it’s probably because he’s just not ready. There’s no hiding from the fact that asking someone to marry you is a yeti-sized step forward in your relationship, and the fear of rejection – which stems all the way back to asking girls to dance at the school disco – is very scary. Men need space to breathe, and, of course, you want him to be 100% sure this is what he wants.


6. Or, make the move yourself

If you’ve tried all of the above and it’s still not happening, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Forget waiting around for the next leap year – it’s the 21st century! All those years of compiling ‘my dream proposal’ Pinterest boards the wrong side of midnight will finally prove useful if it falls on your plate. And, as an additional plus, you’ll get to choose the ring of your dreams yourself. Now surely that’s a win-win situation?