How to have the best wedding-night sex

These top tips will help you make sure you kick-start married life with a bang in the bedroom. No pun intended. Okay, a little bit intended...

There’s a whole lot of pressure on you to turn the most romantic day of your life into the most romantic night of your life, too. Luckily for you, we’re easing the pressure with some top tips on how to secure a night of pure passion to follow those nuptials.


Ease into the honeymoon

Dont’t plan to make a 5am dash to the airport the morning after the wedding. Knowing you have an early start will ruin the romance and you’ll be thinking about how much sleep you want to get in before the journey. Instead, take a day to open presents, have a lovely family lunch or do some last-minute packing. That way, you can stay up as late as you like.

Eat your way through the reception

You’ll probably be so busy and full of happiness that you won’t feel the need to snack in the evening – big mistake. Having an empty stomach will mean you have low blood sugar and that ensures a low libido. Assign one of your bridesmaids the task of making sure the bride is fed at regular intervals to keep your energy up. We don’t mean to refer to you as a pet that needs feeding, but just remember to eat, ok pet?

Don’t drink too much

This is an obvious one, we know. But you and the hubby should probably make an agreement to keep an eye on each other and stay at that ‘nice and merry’ stage throughout your numerous toasts of champagne.

Go fasting

Some couples might choose to practice celibacy in the run-up to their wedding. While this won’t be a choice for everybody, it could certainly help store up all that passion and make the wedding night one to remember.

Be safe, baby

It’ll be easy to get caught up in the moment and decide, on the most romantic day of your life, that you’re ready to make a baby with this amazing man. But try not to act impulsively where this decision is concerned. Think about your contraception so you don’t have to fumble around and ruin any moments.


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