How to stop yourself from crying on your wedding day

Soggy tissues and mascara smudges can now be a thing of the past!

Are you the kind of girl that gets blurry-eyed at an emotional advert or the Titanic theme tune? While no wedding is complete without someone shedding of a tear or two, the last thing you want is an album full of you and your panda eyes. Here are our tips on how to keep any emotions in check if you feel yourself welling up on your big day…


Breathe slowly

Deep, controlled breathing can hide a multitude of feelings – from your jittery nerves to your urge to start crying. By focusing on taking slow breaths, you can calm both the lump in your throat and your heightened emotions and be laughing and smiling again in no time.

Sip at a drink

Whilst there may not be much chance to gulp down some water during your ceremony, sipping some at your reception can be a great way to control those oncoming tears, as the liquid will ease the tension in your throat.


Listen to your wedding music

If you know that you’ll want to cry as soon as you hear the opening bars of your special song, then try listening to it a few times before the big day. By desensitising yourself to it and keeping an image in your mind of yourself happy and laughing, you’ll be sure to keep those sobs at bay.

Pinch yourself

One trick to stop tears in their tracks is a quick pinch! By pinching that small bit of skin that joins your thumb and your first finger, the sensation can provide enough of a distraction to make you forget all about crying. Of course, try not to pinch yourself too hard – hopping around and crying in pain looks a lot worse!

Blink like your life depends on it

Perhaps not a tip for when you’re facing all of your guests – you certainly don’t want to alarm anyone – but rapid blinking can prevent those tears from falling down your cheeks and spoiling your make-up.

Use your bridesmaids

Of all the people who can keep you laughing, your bridesmaids should be at the top of your list. Recruit them as your very own comediennes for the day and take time to reminisce about old funny stories. You’re far less likely to start blubbering if you’re too busy laughing about that infamous night with the girls!


Wear eyelash extensions

If you’re sure that none of the above is going to stop you from welling up the moment the ceremony starts, then eyelash extensions are a safer option than mascara as they won’t come off with tears.

Bring Kleenex


Preparation is key! Shedding a tear at your wedding is certainly not the end of the world, and as long as you ensure that tissues and make-up blotters are close to hand, any crying can be easily rectified.