How to take the perfect engagement selfie

Just got engaged? Snap a Pinterest-worthy picture of your new ring with our top five tips to taking the perfect engagement selfie

You’ve called your parents and squealed down the phone to your best girls, but now it’s time to tell the world that you’re a bride-to-be. Taking an engagement selfie is the perfect cute keepsake to remind you of that bended knee moment (and the butterflies) for years to come. But, how do you take the perfect engagement selfie? With our top five fail-safe tips, you’ll have a Pinterest-worthy engagement selfie within no time at all!


1. Know your angles

Of your ring, that is! Every engagement ring has its own best angle dependent on its design. Has yours got gorgeous diamond studs all the way round? Then tilt your finger to show a little more of the band. Or, is your ring a one-stone dazzler? A straight-on shot will emphasise its size. Get practising and take several different shots to find your perfect angle.

2. Get a manicure

Chipped nails and dry cuticles are an absolute no-no when it comes to showing off that sparkler. Diamonds look fabulous next to brightly coloured red or pink polish, while coloured stones are best paired with a neutral manicure. If your nails are short or you bite them, you could even think about gel nails or tips to elongate your fingers.

3. Choose a quirky background

Head outside for a seasonal backdrop – how about crispy autumn leaves or fresh spring flowers? If it’s too cold to brave it al fresco, pretty papers, beauty products and even pages of bridal magazines make a great background. For a professional touch, find an interesting light that shows off those dazzling stones to their full potential – sitting by a window and letting the rays stream across your hand looks fabulous.


4. Embrace your creative side

Rather than the classic full-hand shot, get creative with coffee cups, champagne glasses or even your pet cat. We absolutely love this Starbucks takeaway cups idea! For professional results, you’ll need a proper camera rather than your phone – just email it to yourself afterwards so you can go social media crazy.

5. Rope in your h2b

Grab your fiancé and point the camera at your faces rather than just at your hand. After all, your grinning ‘just got engaged’ faces that could rival the Cheshire Cat are just as important as the ring anyway! 

We want to see your engagement selfies!


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