How to talk about your wedding without annoying those around you

Although wedding planning may be the biggest part of your life at the moment, it is only a small part of your friends’ and family’s lives and can start to get tiresome for them if you are talking about wedding details 24/7. Here are some tips on how to satisfy your wedding talk craving without driving those around you crazy!

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Show interest


Before you burst out with ideas on your latest Etsy discovery, show some interest in your friend’s life first. Ask how their day is going and let them vent about any hassles in their lives. If you show interest in their day-to-day issues they will be more wiling to listen to your stationery nightmares.

Pick your battles

Although every detail about the wedding is super important in your mind, not everyone needs to know all the little planning factors. Try to focus on main issues when talking to friends, like the dress and cake. Talking about the desserts and drinks might spark their attention too!

Wait a while

Try not to start every conversation with wedding talk. Wait for the right time to bring it up, or better yet, wait for your pal to ask how the planning is going. This way you have been given the unofficial go ahead to chat away about your plans.

No wedding talk zone

Make sure you let your friends know you are aware of how much you talk about the wedding. As a bit of a joke, create a ‘no wedding talk’ time or zone. So if you are at a certain pub together, leave the wedding chat for another day.

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Come bearing gifts

In an opposite situation to the above, have a set night once or twice a month to get together and talk weddings. Make it fun by providing them with some chocolate and wine or pizza and popcorn.

Be understanding


You may be getting too into wedding talk and start to get annoying. Your friends might be too polite to say something, or they might be straightforward about it. Don’t let it erupt into a fight and understand that not everyone is as interested in your wedding as you are. If this happens, tone it way down and only mention the main details in passing, then change the subject.