Is this the secret to a happy marriage?

One of the most important ingredients in a long, successful and happy marriage? It won’t come as a surprise to learn that one of the key factors in a couple living and loving together in perfect harmony is a great sex life. But are you surprised to find out it’s the 55-year-olds among us that feel this way?


In a survey from 77 Diamonds, over 1,000 UK residents were quizzed about relationships. And the results may just serve up what you need to achieve that happy marriage. 


The Proposal

While it might feel like pressure to plan, create and execute the most extravagant proposal is higher than ever before, many women don’t want a flashy, public proposal. In fact, 47% of women said that they’d want it to take place somewhere intimate and special to them; even if that was simply in bed with the papers on a lazy Sunday morning.

The Ring

Girls – if you want an absolutely beautiful ring and your partner is from Brighton, you’ve struck lucky! The most generous men in the UK are from that region, with 6% of these big-spending chaps saying they would happily spend around £7.5k on an engagement ring. That’s significantly higher than the average cost of an engagement ring, which is £1,772. 


The Wedding

Traditional, large-scale weddings don’t seem to be as popular as they once were – 55% of women surveyed said they wouldn’t actually want a church wedding and instead favour a smaller, civil ceremony attended by family and close friends only. We’re also increasingly price conscious too. Some 42% of those involved in the survey said that they would aim to keep the overall cost of the wedding to under £10,000. 

The survey also highlighted a possible area of tension between couples. More than double the amount of women surveyed said they would not want to take on their partner’s surname when they were married. But the majority of men insisted that they would definitely want their partner to. A double-barrelled compromise, perhaps? 

Married Life

Getting married is just the beginning of a long and happy union. So what keeps us together five, ten, 15, 20 years or even longer down the road? 

There’s a difference in opinion when married couples and couples living together were asked what is considered important in a relationship – 18.5% of those co-habiting said shared hobbies and interests was important, whereas 53% of married people said good communication was crucial.


While the over-55s value sex highly, laughter was deemed most important as the secret to a long and happy union. Maybe laughing during sex is the ideal scenario?