Last-minute jobs to make wedding week less stressful

It's the final countdown to your big day and the last thing you want to be doing is stressing out about whether the suppliers will find the venue or popping out to buy flowers for the parents. Follow this little guide to help you with what jobs to do in the last week before your wedding day.

Two weeks to go…


Assemble your orders of service

Pre-address and stamp your thank you cards, and write any for gifts that you’ve already received


Finish up any DIY creations and pack them ready to be transported to your venue

Reconfirm drop-offs, arrival times and directions with all suppliers

A week to go

Pack your honeymoon case if you’re jetting straight off (remember passports and pack more than just lingerie!)

Pick up foreign currency so you don’t get stung by airport commission charges

Finalise your bridal beauty by having your nails and tan done

The night before your wedding

Hand out thank you gifts to bridesmaids and ushers if you want them to wear them on the day

Deliver welcome bags to the hotels of out-of-town guests. Fill them with a map of the area, local produce and morning after headache tablets


Stick to a two-drink limit so you feel fresh on the day

Organise for your groom’s morning love letter and wedding-day gift to be sent to where he is getting ready


Arrange for the cake – especially if it’s of the naked variety – to be delivered as late as possible so it stays deliciously fresh

Ensure your florist knows where you and your girls are having your hair and make-up done so the bouquets can come straight to you


Check the rings have made their way to the Best Man’s pocket – a text to your mother-in-law will work a treat