Real brides’ words of wisdom for a happy marriage

We asked you for your advice on a happy, lasting marriage. Here's how you responded...

Marriage is for the long-haul, so we were curious to know what keeps yours strong and gets you through your ups and downs, whether it’s making compromises or keeping the romance alive. Got your own pearls of relationship wisdom to share? Let us know at forum/talk-to-us/words-of-wisdom-for-married-life/


Forgive each other

“Forgive quickly and sincerely mean it. Holding a grudge will act like a poison in your relationship. It will definitely make your relationship stronger – and I know I really admire my husband for having this personality trait.” – Katspups

Listen to each other

“Listen to each other and take on board what the other has to say. You might not always agree but respect and understanding is needed to minimise tension and arguments!” – Mrs Cash

Let the lady get her way

“Happy Wife, Happy Life.” – MrsDenbyToBe

Be best friends

“Laugh. We’ve never stopped laughing… usually at each other. My hubby and I can be the most romantic people in the world but I’d say 90% of our time is spent taking the mick out of each other! 

We started out as best mates, living 90-odd miles away from each other and only seeing each other a handful of times a year. We support different rugby teams so are used to picking on each other, and the friendship and banter is the one thing we promised each other that would never stop when we decided to embark on our romantic relationship.” – Hullass1972

Work together

“I would say it’s cooperation.” – Rahul

Enjoy each other

“Spend one night a week with each other doing something more than watching telly – a walk in a local park, a drink at the pub, a picnic… Only choose activities where you can actually talk to each other, so not the cinema! 

Always ask your husband how his day was and look interested when he goes into detail about boring work politics – if he’s offloaded the day’s stresses he’s less like to be grumpy!” 

Don’t rush through life’s landmarks

“Don’t try and do too much in the first year of marriage, such as moving house. Just enjoy the fact that you’re married.” – Hollie Bond

Be honest

“Never keep secrets. Honesty is always the best policy with anyone, but especially the person who you are spending your life with. The truth always outs and once the trust is broken it is also like a poison that can ruin relationships on all levels.

For us, we also like to do things together that we enjoy, normally sporty or active stuff like hiking, but it can be anything. Just enjoy doing something together regularly.” – mrsbrazil

Have sex


“Keep having sex. There are so many times when either myself or my husband (or both of us!) aren’t in the mood or are tired, but once you get going its always enjoyable and keeps you close. If I have to spend 35 hours+ at work and I’m sure as hell going to make the effort to have sex every week as well. Even just a quickie – just keep getting physical.” – BekhaG