REVEALED: The Average Price of an Engagement Ring

We reveal the optimum time to propose, and how much the ring should cost

Whether you dreamt about your man down on one knee in a restaurant, or imagined him popping the question in a secluded spot, it’s likely you thought about your ideal proposal before it happened, and you’re not the only one.


Jewellery brand Mappin & Webb recently conducted a study of 2000 women, quizzing them on what the average woman wants from their proposal. Read on to see how your proposal measured up. 

Image | Peter Muller

The Location

Half of the people surveyed said they don’t mind where the proposal takes place, but those that were feeling picky said they’d like the big moment to place at a landmark in their home city. Failing that, they’d appreciate a beach setting.


The group surveyed said they’d like their proposal to take place after 25 months of dating – any longer and they start to get antsy waiting.

The ring

The surveyed ladies are keeping their fingers crossed that their husband-to-be will spend £1013 on the ring (very specific, and rather cheaper than this Cartier beauty).

Three quarters of those surveyed would like to help their partner pick out their engagement ring, with over a third thinking their husband-to-be would make the wrong choice if left to his own devices.

According to Mappin & Webb, the most popular ring is a solitaire diamond on a white gold band; only one in 20 would opt for an unusually coloured stone like a ruby or emerald.


Getting it wrong

Let’s hope that the men in question are more reliable in the romance stakes than their other halves give them credit for, since a quarter of the women asked said they’d say no if a proposal didn’t meet their expectations; as we previously reported, a quarter of brides are disappointed by their proposal!