Test: Are YOU a bridezilla?

We all know weddings can bring out the best - and worst - in people. But do you think you’ve taken planning a bit too far? Take this fun test to find out.

Weddings can bring out the very best in people, as well as the very worst. You start off as a relaxed bride, casually mentioning to your bridesmaids that you really don’t mind which dresses they pick.


But before you know it, you’ve had a meltdown over the colour of your napkins and talk about W-Day constantly – at the risk of annoying your friends.

So, what type of bride are you? Just chilled enough or complete bridezilla? Take this fun test by Pokies to find out! (P.S. Can’t read it? Click on it to make it bigger).



View Interactive Version (via Pokies.net.au).