The pros and cons of inviting kids to your wedding

It’s difficult enough compiling your guest list, but when children are involved it can often make it ten times worse! Have a read of our reasons for why you should and shouldn’t invite the young’uns to your big day.


Reasons why you should:


You’re all in this together: Weddings are a family affair, so that should mean the whole family, right? It’s a rare occurrence for the entire clan to get together, so make the most of it! Those little cherubs you’re considering giving the boot are often the root of fond moments and unforgettable memories.

More kids = less whining: If a decent number of children are present, odds are they will keep each other entertained. The more playmates there are to distract the kiddies, the less they’ll be nagging mum to leave every 5 seconds. It’s a win-win situation.

Drunken adults vs. kids: Uncle Henry’s embarrassing enough as it is, but when he’s had a beer or 5… he’s a liability. Especially when he topples over in front of a crowd of bemused 4 year olds, straight into the buffet table. If you’re worried about kids running wild and causing havoc, sometimes you have to take a step back and consider who’s really the misbehaving kid here?

Easy menu: If your mother-in-law is insisting on wild salmon canapés with watercress salad and all you’re thinking is, “jeez, pass me 10 burgers…” the kids could be your escape route out! You can tactfully convince her that you’ve got to cater for the children as well, and it’s way too expensive to provide two separate menus.

The more the merrier: Giggling and happy children will add an extra sparkle of magic. Having an entourage of pageboys and flower girls to escort you down the aisle could be the cutest thing ever!


Reasons why you shouldn’t:

There’s no room: If you’re struggling for space, it’s often easier to cut down on numbers by removing the kids. It sounds harsh but unfortunately there’s not much else that can be done.

This one’s for the grown ups: You really don’t want to be calling the emergency services when little Thomas knee skids across the dance floor and knocks out your great aunt. Your wedding day is a bit too sophisticated for that…

Child (un)friendly environment: How child proof is the location of your event? You could actually be doing the kids a favour by not inviting them. The last thing you want is your cousin’s kids toppling into a lake in the middle of family photos.

You don’t know them: If neither you nor your groom are even very close to the children in question, and it’s causing you much more stress attempting to cater for them all… what’s the point? As brutal as it sounds, this is supposed to be your magical day… not a crèche centre.


You’re free: It’s a night off from the kids! Parents all over the country should be ecstatic by this rare occurrence! It’s a time for celebrations and wine, and food, and more wine…