Tips to Get Your Groom Involved

Top tips for getting your groom involved by Andrew Shanahan, editor of Staggered (iamstaggered.com), the online wedding-survival guide for guys

Bride and groom

DO: Ask us to get involved
It may sound obvious, but a lot of blokes are just worried they’ll get in the way and express an opinion you won’t like. Let’s be honest – you can be a bit particular about the wedding, can’t you?


DON’T: Expect in-depth feedback on the frilly stuff
Bouquets and favours? We’ve come a long way but there are limits. Stick to the stag and hen-dos, the suits, the music, the entertainment, the honeymoon, the transport, the guest list, the venue, the photographer…basically anything but the bouquets and favours.

DO: explain what’s important to you
For the vast majority of blokes, simply knowing that it will make you happy is enough to get us motivated.

DON’T: Just leave us to it
Set us tasks. Men like to make long lists of things they can cross off, so make a list. And if that list happens to involve pointlessly Googling stuff, then so much the better because we’re great at that.

PLEASE, PLEASE DO: Get our opinion
You may think we don’t care about cake toppers and confetti dimensions but ask us and you may be surprised about how strongly we feel something. After all, we’ve gone to the emotional effort of committing ourselves to you for the rest of our life, so maybe we also feels strongly about the way that commitment is expressed on the wedding day.

PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T: Ignore us or belittle us and our ideas
You might not understand why we want to arrive at the ceremony in a papier mache scale replica of a Warhammer Immolator tank (Google it), but treating the request with respect is good practice for life after the wedding …



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