Top ten wedding planning tips

Make your wedding day run like clockwork with smart planing strategies from A-list planner and wedding maestro Mark Niemierko

Mark Niemierko’s wedding planing tips

1 – Plan strategically
“I love breaking a wedding up into stages – so the ceremony is Act 1, the drinks reception is Act 2, and so on. For each act, think about what décor, flowers, entertainment, food and so on you need. I organise my mood boards by act too.”


2 – Factor in set-up time
“When booking the venue, think about how long you need for production – you may need the night before or morning of to put everything in place.”

3 – Communicate clearly with your team
“I love bullet points as a communication tool. With your suppliers, put everything down very concisely and in an email so there are no misunderstandings.”

4 – Don’t micromanage the party music
“I firmly believe that if you’re booking a DJ you don’t need a playlist, just let them get on with it. Otherwise you might as well use an iPod. With a band, though, it’s nice to see a proposed set list.”

5 – The staff need to eat to keep their energy up
“Look after your suppliers and feed them well. I’d budget about £25 per person for people like band members, photographers or florists who are staying on through the event. It’s important not to overlook this.”

6 – Create a running order
“Nobody else makes them as detailed as I do, but I put together a minute-by-minute rundown of all the different acts and distribute it to every supplier two weeks in advance. But, doing this means I can chill on the wedding day and be more relaxed than the bride!” Be sure to include contact information for everyone you’ll be working with so you have it all in one place.

7 – Re-confirm everything the week of the wedding
“Your suppliers may well be sick of hearing from you, but even a quick text will do the trick. Leave nothing to chance, because a delayed band is not a good look!”

8 – Arrive early
“I like suppliers to be there an hour before they’re needed and aim to have each stage of the day set up and ready at least an hour before the guests arrive – 90 minutes for the ceremony.”

9 – Get your guests home safely
“Think about how you feel after a night out. When you’re ready to go, you just want to get home. So ensure you have a plan for how to get guests off-site, and if it’s in a rural area, consider having cabs waiting to do round trips from the venue to the guests’ hotels from about 10.30pm onwards.”

10 – Send them off with edible treats
“A slice of wedding cake is the perfect way to soak up alcohol in the cab ride home!”

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Photography by Rosie Parsons