Wedding loans from Lending Works – the perfect finance option for your wedding


A wedding day is far more than just a celebration; it is a declaration of love. It is an event that should be remembered for a lifetime, and one that allows families and friends to come together. 


Whether you are planning your own nuptials or giving your child a day to remember, there is a way to get the money you need without too much hassle or expense. Lending Works is one of the UK’s most trusted peer-to-peer personal loan providers. Peer-to-peer lending platforms directly connect borrowers and lenders, cutting out the bank in the middle. By taking away the large overheads and big bonuses with which banks have become synonymous, Lending Works can offer much more attractive borrowing rates to borrowers, while lenders also receive great rates of interest on their loans.

What is a peer-to-peer loan?

If you are currently in the process of raising the funds for a wedding, you may already have considered the possibility of a personal loan from a bank or using a credit card. However, both of these options involve large, profit-making institutions that typically charge high rates of interest and substantial fees. However, Lending Works is an exclusively online platform without the significant overheads and branches associated with the major banks, which allows it to keep the cost of borrowing low – leaving more money to spend on your big day.

When you apply for a loan with Lending Works, you aren’t asking the peer-to-peer platform for the funds you need – you’re asking people just like you. Individual lenders, or savers, fund peer-to-peer loans, so you’re borrowing from real people. The Lending Works online platform merely facilitates your loan application and administers the process until you’ve repaid your finance in full.

What makes Lending Works different?

There are several peer-to-peer lending platforms on the market now, but Lending Works makes the process of getting a loan simple and exceptionally quick. An application for a loan takes a matter of minutes, and you can ask for an even quicker personalised quote that won’t affect your credit rating if you’re unsure. Once approved, your loan will typically be paid out within one working day.

Lending Works loans also allow overpayments or early settlements without any additional fees or charges, unlike many traditional bank loans. Should you have any spare money at the end of each month you can overpay on your loan as many times as you like, reducing your overall interest charges in the process.

The overall cost of your loan will be dependent upon your personal circumstances including your credit history, income, affordability and residential status. Regardless of your risk rating, peer-to-peer loans are typically much less expensive than those offered by traditional financial institutions – find out for yourself by getting a few quotes or by scanning the price comparison site tables. Bear in mind that peer-to-peer lending platforms typically only lend to borrowers with stronger credit histories – it’s always a good idea to check your credit report first if you’re unsure.

Planning a wedding requires attention to every tiny detail in advance, as well as the counting of pennies. Lending Works helps in this regard in a number of ways. Perhaps most importantly, this popular peer-to-peer lending platform offers only fixed-rate loans, so you can plan your repayments with total certainty.

Don’t stress about wedding planning

There is so much to organise and pay for during the planning stages of a wedding, and worrying about the cost has the potential to spoil the experience for you. A cake and dress can cost several hundred pounds, and the same applies to a car to take you to the venue. If you have guests, the cost of feeding and entertaining can run into thousands, and that’s before you’ve even given a honeymoon a second’s thought.

Applying for a loan with a traditional lender is a process that involves a great deal of red tape. And in many cases, the release of funds can take several weeks which can leave your plans for the perfect wedding in limbo. But applying online for a Lending Works peer-to-peer personal loan takes just minutes, so you can concentrate your time and efforts on planning every little detail of your big day rather than worrying how to pay for it.


If you have a good credit history and you can demonstrate your ability to keep up with repayments, there’s no reason to worry about funding the wedding of your dreams. Simply complete the online application form, and take the first step to creating a day to remember.