Wedding rules and traditions you really don’t have to stick to

The wedding world comes with a host of old wives’ tales, superstitions and even connotations to evil spirits. So, it’s no wonder we’ve always felt the pressure to stick with tradition and go along with it, even though you really didn’t want to throw your beautiful flowers across the room.


Thankfully, it’s becoming more acceptable to break the trends and plan a day that suits you, rather than that old lady down the road. Have a look at the old traditions that are going out of style…. 


Not seeing the groom on the morning of your wedding

We love seeing the groom’s reaction as he sees his bride walking down the aisle, and the idea of a girlie night with your maids the night before. That said, if you’re splashing out on a bridal suite there’s no harm spending the night with your groom too. Imagine the excitement and happiness you will feel as you say goodnight and wake up together on your big day. Plus, you’re more likely to sleep better when you’re following your usual routine. 

Wearing white

Wedding dresses are becoming more unique over time, gentle splashes of colour are now making their way down the aisle. Perfect for the bride who really doesn’t think she suits a white dress, have a look at our non-white wedding gowns

Having matching uniforms for your bridesmaids

We love the trend of mismatching bridesmaid dresses instead of dressing all your best girls in exactly the same outfit whether it suits them or not. 

A five-tiered white cake

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a traditional fruitcake with overpowering marzipan, but when there’s an option of a doughnut tower, 200 macaroons in a pile, a peanut-butter flavoured cake or a whole dessert table filled with sweet treats, it’s certainly one to think about. 

Throwing confetti rice

Seriously, who throws rice anymore? There are plenty of alternatives these days, including bubbles, glitter and assorted rose petals – all perfect for that photo op. 

Sugared almonds

Wedding favours for your guests are getting more and more creative over the years, and many brides and grooms like to match them to the general wedding theme. For example, personalised baubles are perfect for winter weddings and mini bottles of olive oil for any Italian or French celebrations. 


Toasters, kettles and another toaster

Gone are the days of the traditional gift list. Which, is a good thing when most couples gave already lived together for a few years before they tie the knot. Depending on what you prefer, you can now set up a honeymoon fund, charity donation schemes or just ask for money – it’s all totally acceptable. Phew. 

Bride or groom?


The sign ‘Pick a seat not a side’ is probably the most popular picture we’ve seen on Pinterest, and many couples are foregoing the bride and groom seating areas for their ceremonies. Makes life easier for the hungover ushers anyway.