What does your star sign say about your wedding?

Look to astrology to help you predict your wedding future

Perhaps he hasn’t proposed yet, or maybe you’ve just got so many decisions to make you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve seen the stars and they’re looking bright for all of you. Here’s what we see for your wedding based on your Zodiac sign.


Aquarius: You will choose an untraditional wedding dress, such as black or red. Your hen party will be epic, involving rather a lot of alcohol (no bad thing). We see you having your ceremony in the woods.

Scorpio: You will wear a sexy wedding dress – something low cut with a slit up the side. Your wedding venue will be classy but sassy, like on a rooftop in the city. And we know that your husband-to-be is simply gorgeous.

Sagittarius: Your wedding is going to be romantic, with you in a white dress carrying a bouquet of roses. However, your evening party will be the stuff of legends, that people who were too busy to go lament missing for evermore.


Pisces: Your dress will be non-traditional but your ceremony low key and off the grid, possibly under sunny skies on a beach.

Capricorn: Laid-back is key when it comes to your wedding. Your choice of cake will be adorable – we’re thinking strawberry cupcakes with pink icing.

Gemini: You’ve been indecisive about everything for the whole time. You’re likely to choose one theme for your wedding but then change it at the last second, shocking everyone – including the groom!

Taurus: You’ll have a small ceremony. Think casual dress, a home-cooked meal and a few close friends.

Cancer: You’ll glide down the aisle in a poufy princess wedding dress. We’re pretty sure that your bridesmaids will hate the looks you put them in, but hey, it’s your wedding so if you’re happy that’s all that matters.

Libra: As a spending addict you’ll go upscale for your wedding day, from your designer garb to the catered buffet.


Aries: Your wedding dress is going to be an envy-inducing designer gown. We know your venue will be gorgeous too, possibly a palace. Plus, we see you shelling out for good champagne for the after party (lucky guests).

Leo: Your dress is classy and sophisticated, probably by Zac Posen. We see you marrying in a church or some other place of worship and hosting a formal, catered dinner at your reception.


Virgo: Your dress will be simple and your ceremony romantic and polite – although your honeymoon will be only one of those things…