What to do if you bust your budget

It's far too easy to break the bank when you're paying for a wedding... here's how to get out of a sticky situation

Wedding budget

If you’ve been using the Y&YW budget planner in our suite of wedding tools, this situation should never arise, BUT if you’ve been adding up the sums and realised you’ve gone overboard, fear not. The first thing to do is to stop spending… then follow our advice for ultimate damage limitation


Pick up the phone

Go through your expenses with a fine toothcomb and see whether you can cut down the costs of things you’ve already ordered. If, for example, you’ve ordered a cake costing £500, phone your cake designer to see whether you can change it to the £300 version. The same goes for flowers, photographs and other suppliers. Often simple changes like opting for less complicated designs can drop the price considerably.

Maximise your savings

If what remains of your budget is sitting in a current account earning very little interest, move it straight away to a high interest account. You need to make sure you can access it relatively quickly, but it can be earning some money of its own in the meantime.

Be honest

This is the time to turn to immediate family and very close friends. If you’d really appreciate money or vouchers as a wedding gift, let them know. You might have overspent now, but if some money is coming in the form of a wedding gift, things may not be quite so desperate.

Take it back

If you’ve bought anything on a whim that really blows the budget, see whether you can take it back and look for something less expensive. If it’s a must-have that you can’t bear to part with, work out how you can spend less elsewhere.

Delay the honeymoon

If you’ve got your heart set on an exotic honeymoon, consider postponing it until your finances are a little healthier. It can be fun to wait six months or a year for your glamorous holiday – perhaps a treat for your first anniversary instead of your honeymoon.  You’ll also be far more relaxed if you’re not worrying about money.

Tighten the purse strings!

This may sound obvious, but if you’ve overspent, cut down everyday spending until after the wedding. Simple things like watching the supermarket bills, eating out less and spending evenings at home are easy ways to save a few pennies.


Photo Mike McClafferty