What you need for the perfect proposal

Everything a woman wants when her man pops the question... apparently


Thinking of getting engaged this Valentine’s Day?

According to real couples across the UK, this is the perfect way to do it.


Perhaps you should take some of the points with a pinch of salt – we’re not sure how accurate the suggestion is that most brides want their man to sing a song while crying and organising a flash mob.

But hey ho, these are the stats…

The perfect proposal should: 

·         Be a complete surprise

·         Be made three years and four months into a relationship

·         Include an engagement ring to be worth £1046

·         Include a ring chosen by the groom

·         Have a ring made of white gold band with diamonds

·         Not need the proposer to ask the dad’s permission

·         Be planned for two to three months

·         Take place on a romantic break

·         Take place in private

·         Have the proposer down on one knee

·         Take in Cornwall – this is the preferred UK destination

·         Be made after just one alcoholic drink

·         Only occur if marriage has been discussed during the relationship

·         Only occur if the couple have already lived together

·         Have the couple wearing casual clothes

·         Take place somewhere special to the couple


·         50% of women want to cry because the proposal is so romantic

·         19% of women want their partner to cry during the proposal

·         10% want their partner to sing a song

·         7% want their partner to read a poem


·         One in 20 want a flash mob