Would you Serve your Wedding Guests a Meal Rescued from the Bin?

Preserve your budget with a purse friendly wedding breakfast, saved from a skip

When you were looking for the perfect wedding caterer to mastermind your wedding breakfast, where did you source your inspiration? Wedding catering companies? The venue itself? Maybe even Pinterest… one place you probably didn’t look was the supermarket skip.


A new trend is sweeping the country, with couples up and down the UK choosing to create their wedding breakfast from food otherwise destined for the bin.

Image | Lee Scullion Photography

The weddings are being catered by REfUSE, an initiative that’s part of The Real Junk Food Project, that collects would-be wasted food from supermarkets, shops, cafes, market stalls and food suppliers and serves it up as a delicious dish.

“It’s such a privilege to be able to serve a wedding breakfast,” says Mim Skinner, Co-Founder of the initiative.

“Our message is about reassigning value to food which has been considered worthless, and to be able to cater for such a special occasion is brilliant.”

The food is collected in the days leading up to the event, so the wedding menu isn’t finalised until the day before, usually – not great for brides-to-be who like to nail all the little details in advance, but a fun surprise none the less!

“My fiancé and I love that REfUSE make beautiful nourishing food out of what would have been thrown away,” says Kim Hughes, one of the brides who was embraced the REfUSE initiative. “We are honoured and so thankful that REfUSE are supporting us on our special day, on which we can celebrate wonderful food being created out of what has wrongly been called waste.”


What do you think of the idea? A lovely waste-not want-not idea, or a definite no-no?