DIY Paper Garlands

Get crafty with these oh-so-cute pin-up decorations

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Garlands are such a popular style detail right now, and a surefire way to make your wedding individual is to make your own, says art editor Kate Hornby. Simple paper strands are easy to create and make a huge impact, brightening up beams or hanging from the walls of marquees. Try different shapes in colours to match your theme, or use patterned craft paper, sheet music or pages from your favourite book. Create a contrast and make them 3D: just fold your paper heart in half and stitch down the centre.


You Will Need

2″ heart-shaped punch, £11.49, 1″ heart-shaped punch, £4.49, glue dots, from £1.69 for 200, all HobbyCraft.

Scissors, £1.75, ribbon, £2 for 5m, and paper, all Paperchase.

DIY Paper Garlands: Step One


Take two different sized heart-shaped punches and make around 20 hearts of each size out of different shades of paper.

DIY Paper Garlands: Step Two


Cut a long length of ribbon and position half of your hearts with equal distance between each other alternating size along the strand. Take a glue dot for each heart and stick to the ribbon.

DIY Paper Garlands: Step Three


Turn your strand of hearts over and, using a glue dot for each, position another heart directly on top of the hearts that are already there to create the front and back of your garland.

Style it Out


Now you’ve handcrafted your very own garlands, why not add the personal touch to your favours too, pick the reception venue where you’ll be putting all your hard work on display, or check out some other fab finishing touches?