greenery table garland

How to make a greenery table garland

Decorate your top table with this beautiful centrepiece, which is super easy to make thanks to this DIY tutorial.

Wedding DIY has long been a popular trend, with many couples opting to add their own personalised, home-spun touches to their day.


Many suppliers have jumped on the wedding DIY bandwagon with companies offering bouquet making and décor tutorials. Pinterest and Instagram are also a treasure trove of DIY inspiration.

While ideas like these may be a super-creative couple’s idea of heaven on a Sunday afternoon, not so crafty couples may not be feeling so keen to bring out the PVA glue and ribbon. If the latter sounds like you, then don’t worry, we feel you.

We can’t promise to turn you into expert crafters, but we can definitely share an idea or two that you’ll easily be able to achieve. A greenery table garland is the perfect place for beginners to start, it’s a beautiful addition to any wedding table and yet it’s simple enough to keep you from tearing your hair out!

It’s also a budget-friendly way of adorning your reception venue, with simple cost-effective greenery and candles you can pick up during a trip to Ikea. Coordinate the pots and candles to match your theme (coloured candles are huge for 2019) and choose your favoured foliage to create a look that’s totally unique, just like you.

All you need to do next is soak up the compliments from your guests and admire your handy work. Now, lay down the newspaper and dig out the spray paint…

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted has put together a how-to on making a simple and elegant greenery table garland decoration that everyone can make.

What you will need:

  • A collection of paint cans
  • Spray paint in the colours of your choice
  • Succulents in different sizes and shapes
  • Your choice of greenery: moss, ivy and eucalyptus
  • Mixture of candles


1. Spray paint cans in the colours of your choice. It’s nice to use a few contrasting colours to suit your wedding theme


2. Create a garland that curves to the length of the table using the different varieties of greenery. TIP – choose varieties that won’t wilt too quickly; you will want them to last the whole day


3. Place succulents and moss around the top edges of the paint cans leaving room to place a candle or two


4. Place paint cans randomly or symmetrically along your garland


5. Add different sized candles to the tops of a few of the paint cans

Pink wedding table garland

6. Add some moss to cover any of the paint can tops that might be showing


7. Place some smaller tea lights in between the cans and at the front of your garland


8. Add some succulents to the garland to complete the look.


TIP: ask the venue to light the candles before you and your guests enter the room Even if you’re not the creative type, a simple garland like this is easy to make and when you look at it on your big day, you will feel proud to see details you have made yourself.

Why not make wedding DIY projects even more fun by getting together with members of your bridal party and friends and see what else you can make.


If you would still like some help when it comes to styling and adding details, Lindsey is a professional wedding planner and venue stylist. For more information about Lindsey and for some more inspiration, visit