How to make fun favours

Art editor Kate Hornby shows you how to make seven simple but oh-so-chic DIY wedding gifts for your guests...

How to make: embellished boxes


You will need – Kraft boxes; ribbon/twine/ charms; scissors; glue; photocopied photographs.


Step 1 Glue charms to suit your theme straight onto the box or wrap the box with ribbon, tie a knot or bow at the top, and thread your charm through at the same time.

Step 2 For an extra-personal touch use a frame lid box and photocopy favourite old wedding photographs, from your family and his. Cut them to size, insert them into the lid and add a small bow for a finishing touch.

Favour boxes 89p each from Cherubs; faux-pearl heart and gold harp embellishments, from a selections, all hobbycraft.co.uk. Brass crown charm, from 16p each; brass clock face charm, from 34p each; and watch button, from 65p each, all calicocrafts.co.uk

How to make: printed heart tags


You will need – Plain wooden hearts; white paint; paint brush; newspaper.

Step 1 Cover one side of the heart with white acrylic paint.

Step 2 While the paint is still slightly tacky, take a piece of newspaper and press onto the top of the paint smoothing it over carefully.

Step 3 Slowly peel back the paper to transfer the print onto the heart – creating a rustic decorative design.

Step 4 When dry, repeat on the other side.

Large wooden heart gift tags, £6.46 for 10, craftshapes.co.uk. Small wooden hearts, £9 for five, letterfest.com. Paint and paint brush, from a selection, paperchase.co.uk

How to make: gift soaps


You will need – Blocks of soap; brown paper; twine; double-sided tape; decorative masking tape; scissors; pen.

Step 1 Wrap your block of soap in brown paper, tucking the ends under and taping the underside of the creases.

Step 2 Wrap decorative tape around the middle of the block.

Step 3 Write your message on the tape.

Step 4 Wind twine around the block, and tie at the top.

Porridge soap blocks, £2.79 for 100g, lush.co.uk. Brown paper and twine, from a selection, paperchase.co.uk. Gold frame tape, £8.50 for 10m, papernation.co.uk

How to make: a paper fan


You will need – Decorative sheets of paper (at least A4); backing card; split pins; ruler; scissors or scalpel; glue; hole punch.

Step 1 Make a long diamond-shaped template from a thin piece of card and use it on the back of your decorative paper to make five diamond shapes.

Step 2 Using the template again, cut backing cards for your paper.

Step 3 Glue the backing card shape to the back of the decorative paper diamonds to make them sturdy enough to use.

Step 4 Punch a hole at the bottom tail of each diamond, making sure it is in the same place for each layer of your fan.

Step 5 Arrange your diamonds in the order you would like the patterns to fan out – one on top of the other – and insert a split pin through the punched hole.

All paper and split pins from a selection at paperchase.co.uk

How to make: chocolate crackers


You will need – A large bag of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs; cellophane; ribbon; decorative masking tape.

Step 1 Take three eggs and line them up on top of your cellophane. Cutout a square of cellophane around them leaving enough space to roll it over the eggs twice (securing tightly) and enough length to tie ribbon at each end.

Step 2 Use your decorative masking tape to wrap around the middle egg and secure the cellophane in place.

Step 3 Cut out a small length of ribbon and tie in a bow at each end of the eggs.

Chocolate truffle eggs, from a selection, marksandspencer.com. Alphabet tape, £3.25 for 10, papernation.co.uk. Cellophane, from a selection, paperchase.co.uk. Ribbon, from a selection, johnlewis.com

How to make: bell flags


You will need – Small bells; medium-weight A4 paper; ruler; scalpel or scissors; pen.

Step 1 Measure out the required number of strips of paper (17.5cm in length and 2cm in depth).

Step 2 Measure the centre-point as a working guide, as you ony want to print on the right-hand half. Write your message onto the strip by hand or computer leaving room to the left for the flag to wrap around the handle of the bell and on the right for the edge to be cut into a tail.

Step 3 Cut out your strips, wrap around the bell handle and glue them back to back.

Step 4 Cut the tail into the end of the flag with scissors, measuring with a ruler to make them super-neat.

Silver bells, £2.95 each, weddingfavoursworld.com. Background paper, from a selection, paperchase.co.uk

How to make: stamped matchboxes


You will need – Plain matchboxes; dingbats stamps; matches; sandpaper; glue; scissors/scalpel; paper.

Step 1 Measure strips of paper, 4.5cm in length, 1cm in height and, using a computer or by hand, write your message for the sides of the boxes in the centre. Cut out the strips.

Step 2 Measure and cut out an equal number of sandpaper strips exactly the same size to create panels to light the matches.

Step 3 Glue a message to one side of each box and a striking panel to the other.

Step 4 Pick a stamp design and stamp the lids of the boxes. Try different coloured inks to add a splash of colour.


Matchboxes, 30p each, calicocrafts.co.uk. Dingbats stamp set, £25 for £26 stamps, coxandcox.co.uk