How to Make Paper Peonies for your Bridal Bouquet

Eschew florist fees in favour of crafting your own paper flowers for your wedding day


Here at You and Your Wedding, crafting is something we wish we could do more of, from making our own paper garlands to creating our own favours. But what with searching for dream wedding dresses and endlessly whittling down guest lists, wedding planning can leave little time to get creative.


Luckily for us, the crafting experts at Mollie Makes have teamed up with Comic Relief to launch Crafternoon, a bookazine packed with projects to make and enjoy. £5 from every copy goes to charity! You can buy it here, and it’s also available on iTunes and Sainsburys.

We particularly love Lia Griffith’s crepe paper peonies, so have pasted a step-by-step guide on how to create them below, so set aside an afternoon and get making! They’ll look amazing as a bouquet, or dotted in vases around your venue.


You will need

  • The printed template from page 124 of Crafternoon
  • One pack of Lia Griffith Honeysuckle extra fine crepe paper
  • One pack of Lia Griffith Chiffon extra fine crepe paper
  • One pack of Lia Griffith Cypress extra fine crepe paper
  • 18 gauge floral wire
  • Floral tape flowers
  • Low temperature glue gun
  • Low temperature glue sticks
  • Wire-nose pliers

Step 1

Cut out the templates from page 124 of Crafternoon, then cut your crepe paper pieces according to the instructions show on the template.


Step 2

Gently stretch the middle of the crepe paper pieces to cup and shape all petals and leaves


Step 3

Bend the wire tip into a loop with wire-nose pliers. Using hot glue, wrap the chiffon fringed piece around the wire loop.


Step 4

Crunch and ruffle up the fringed stamen for a more natural look.


Step 5

Glue three (A) cupped petals smoothly and evenly around the stamen. Repeat with three more petals positioning them in between the first three petals.


Step 6

Glue (B) cupped petals smoothly around the first set of petals. Rotate and alternate for a random and natural look, gluing the petals slightly lower on each layer to create depth.


Step 8

Continually check the front of your flower for placement of the next set of petals, then using (C) petals, repeat step seven over the (B) petals.


Step 9

Glue 3 cupped (D) petals smoothly and evenly around the base of your flower. Repeat with the remaining (D) petals, positioning in the spaces between the first (D) petals you placed.


Step 10

Repeat step 9, using the remaining (A) petals


Step 11

Glue evenly-spaced Cypress leaf pieces to the base of your flower and wrap the stem with floral tape.

The finished product

Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland)