How to make wedding place settings

Art editor Kate Hornby shows you how to transform your reception table with easy but eye-catching place settings...

1. How to make: printed doily place cards


A super-cute way to add a splash of colour.


You will need Stamp set; doilies.

Step 1 Choose your stamp and doily, and simply stamp the name in the centre.

Step 2 Sit the doily on top of the charger plate to double as a place card.

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2. How to make: place mats/ place cards


Tick place mats and name cards off the list in one go.

You will need Decorative paper (at least A3); pencil; ruler; scalpel; pen.

Step 1 Start with A3-size decorative paper.

Step 2 Turn the paper pattern-side down and place a dinner plate in the centre of the sheet to get a rough idea of where you want your name flap to be.

Step 3 Draw a line approximately 7cm across at least 5cm from the top of the paper and in the position where you’d like the flap to be. Then draw a triangle from this line downwards.

Step 4 Using a scalpel, cut along the shorter sides of the triangle and score the first, longer, line.

Step 5 Turn the paper over and fold the flap backwards to create the standing triangle.

Step 6 Write the guest’s name on the blank side of the triangle.

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3. How to make bow-tie napkins


Dress up your plates with fun and very-now details.

You will need Patterned paper; ruler; pencil; toilet roll tubes; scissors or scalpel; glue.

Step 1 Cut a toilet roll tube into 4cm segments using a scalpel, being careful to keep the shape intact.

Step 2 Measure a strip of decorative paper to the same width as the tube (4cm), and long enough to go all the way around it.

Step 3 Glue the strip of paper around the tube to secure it in place.

Step 4 Fold your napkin into a square, and then fold it over three times and push it through the tube you’ve just made.

Step 5 Holding the tube in place, stretch the top and bottom ends of the napkin to fan it out and create a bow shape.

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4. How to make: old-school name badges


They’re cute as a button.

Step 1 We used custom-made fabric badges from Redd & Brown, but you could make your own by cutting out a round (or any other shape) piece of card, writing guests’ names on the front and glueing a safety pin to the back.

Step 2 Pin these to your napkin ribbon and they can double-up as fun favours.

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5. How to make: eclectic letter blocks


Well, it is a red letter day!

Step 1 Buy some cute printers blocks to spell out the names of your guests, then display them on a napkin.

Step 2 For a quirky touch, spell the names backwards just as the printers would!


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