Step-by-step guide: How to make a pearl tiara for your flower girls

Learn how to make a tiara fit for a little princess in seven easy steps

Our sister brand JewelleryMaker, the jewellery craft channel, launches its summer bridal fair weekend this Friday (24th June). To mark the occasion, the team have shared this lovely how-to guide as a taste of what’s to come. You’ll need a plain headband, some pearl beads, and a reel of metal wire for this project.


Crafty brides can tune in to a range demonstrations of bridal jewellery kits to create tiaras, hair slides and more, with projects for the bride-to-be, bridesmaids and the whole wedding party. 

To watch for free, you can find JewelleryMaker on Freeview channel 76, Sky channel 665, Virgin channel 756 and Freesat channel 807. JewelleryMaker broadcasts until noon on Freeview and 24 hours a day across Sky, digital and online.

Step one

Working from a reel of wire, add all but 11 of your pearls to the spool. Wrap and secure the end of your wire spool to the end of your headband.

Step two

Drop a pearl down to the headband and hold it in place with your thumb, keeping the wire tense. Wrap the wire around the headband three times to secure.

Step three

Add another pearl, secured again by wrapping the wire around the headband three times. Continue this process.

Step four

When you reach the end, secure the pearls with a few more wraps of wire and trim so there are no sharp ends. You can add a spot of glue if desired.

Step five

Then, add the remaining 11 pearls to your spool of wire. Wrap the wire to the headband so it is secure, about 3cm to the left of the centre of the headband. Drop thee pearls down from your spool and wrap the wire around the headband to secure, three pearls to the right of your first anchor point.

Step six

Drop five more pearls from your spool to create a second shape, wrapping the wire back around the headband around four pearls from your last anchor point.

Step seven

Repeat step five, wrapping your wire around the final anchor point (three pearls to the right of your last anchor) tightly. Trim the wire, and check over for any sharp edges. The last step is to admire your handiwork!