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Will the 2020 bank holiday move spoil your wedding plans?

If you've booked your 2020 May wedding to coincide with a bank holiday, the date change may affect your dream day

Bank holidays are always on a Monday, right? (Well, not counting Good Friday.) But there’s a big change coming in 2020. The UK government are moving the early May bank holiday, so instead of taking place on Monday 4th May, it will now happen on Friday 8th May 2020. This is so the bank holiday will coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE day – the day when the Allies accepted Nazi Germany’s surrender in Europe. For most people it’s good – or at least, not troublesome – news; but for anyone getting married in May 2020, this could prove disastrous.

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The issue is already under discussion on the You & Your Wedding forum. For some couples, the problem is that they’ve specifically booked their wedding for Sunday 3rd May 2020, believing they – and their guests – would have the next day off to recover. There’s a danger of guests leaving early if they’re unable to take the Monday off as holiday and so have to go into work. And for some couples, the situation is even more difficult.

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Some couples have booked their May weddings for the day of Monday 4th May – believing this would be a bank holiday. Now, their guests will have to take the day off work – and in some professions, like teaching, that isn’t always possible.

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But it’s not all bad news. If you are getting married that Sunday or Monday, bear in mind that:

  • Weekday weddings are cheaper, so you should be able to negotiate excellent rates with suppliers you haven’t booked yet
  • Because of this price element, weekday weddings certainly aren’t uncommon
  • Your family and friends want to celebrate with you. Unless you’re charging for admission – as this couple did – they will make every effort to be there. Just make sure you give them plenty of notice
  • If any of your guests work in an industry that usually requires them to work bank holidays, such as the emergency services, they’re now more likely to be able to come to your wedding

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