Ariane Poole gives expert advice

...with insider tips on all your make up queries.

Q: I have real trouble with a greasy forehead and my foundation tends to slide off it quite quickly. I cleanse and moisturise before applying it, what am I doing wrong? Also any tips on applying liquid eyeliner?


Ariane Poole: The best thing for you to use is a mattifying primer. This will keep shine at bay and keep your make-up on longer. Laura Mercier has a selection of primers. No7 (from Boots.) does a Matte Under Make-up Base. My range ( also includes an Anti-Shine Serum. If you are struggling with a liquid liner why not try a gel liner instead. They are very easy to use and give the same effect as a liquid plus they are waterproof. Gel liners can be found at Bobbi Brown, Mac, Stila and Ariane Poole

Q: I am looking for a really good lipstick/gloss that will stay on and not dry my lips – can you recommend a good one?

Ariane Poole: As you know there are many long-lasting lipsticks out there. I really like the Mac double-ended ones. The other thing you could try is a lip stain by Benefit. This has a stain on one side and a gloss on the other. Or you could try using a pencil in your favourite colour then adding a lipstick or gloss in a matching shade over the top.

Q: I don’t usually wear a lot of make up but obviously want to look great in my photos. I am not a great fan of foundation as I think sometimes it can look cakey. Can you suggest an alternative or a good foundation to use?

Ariane Poole: You don’t have to use a foundation, why not try a tinted moisturiser? Lancome do a great one. Or you could try using just a concealer. I love using just concealer on brides who don’t like foundation because I can hide imperfections without hiding the whole face. A mineral powder foundation is also a good option. L’Oreal has a nice one.

Q: Hi, do you have any tips for ladies who wear glasses?

Ariane Poole: Even if you wear glasses eye make-up is a MUST! First of all you must consider your prescription. Are you long sighted or short sighted? If you are long sighted then your eye will appear larger, keep the shadow colours soft not too shiny. Matte taupe, soft pale shell pinks and brown, deep plums are a good bet.

If you are short sighted then your eyes will appear smaller, so you need to wear light slightly more shimmery shadows plus liners will really help define the shape of your eyes. Line only half way along the top lashes and 1/4 of the way along the base of the lower lashes.

Q: I don’t wear make up except if I am going out so I tend to be able to ‘feel’ make up when I wear it. I can feel mascara on my eyelashes and I cant stand the feeling of lipstick. I know I need to wear make up on the day so what advice can you give me about natural feeling make up?

Ariane Poole: Not everyone wears make-up or likes to wear make-up. Keep it lightweight and simple. Try tinted moisturiser, concealer only or mineral foundation, these will feel like you are not wearing anything. Have your eyelashes tinted so you don’t need mascara. And finally try either a lip stain or tinted lip balm (both Stila and Bobbi Brown have really great shades).

Q: I was wondering if you could suggest anything for me to cope with my rosy cheeks? 


Ariane Poole: You are not alone in your dilemma. Many brides I have made-up have the same problem. I found the best solution is to apply your foundation or tinted moisturiser first then apply a concealer with a yellow undertone. Pat it on, don’t rub. Then, if you need it, finish with a light dusting of powder.