REVIEW: Get The Glow Glycolic Peel with Dr Krystyna

Think acid peels are scary? Think again. Y&YW's Peta gives one a go

A few years ago, the thought of having an acid peel conjured up images of taking a week off work and hiding under large sunglasses and a big hat. Let’s be honest no one wants bright red skin for days, but this is a thing of the past.


You can now pop into Blush + Blow in your lunch break, have a refreshing and slightly tingling solution put on your face for a couple of minutes, and emerge with a deeply cleansed face and a fresh layer of skin.


The wonderful Dr Krystyna, who performed my treatment, recommends that you have two or three peels prior to your wedding, and I thought this was also a great idea for the mother-of-the-bride, for a pre-wedding day treat.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about a peel, you need not! Dr Kyrstyna  was the most reassuring person you could hope to meet; after a quick chat and analysis of what’s required, I was laying on the salon bed having a refreshing peel.

It didn’t hurt at all, maybe a hint of tingle, serum was applied and I left, bare faced with my skin looking  fantastically fresh.

I can’t wait to go back!

Get The Glow Glycolic peel at Blush + Blow, £90. Book at drkrystyna.com.


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