What it REALLY feels like to have lip fillers

If you’re asking yourself “should I have lip fillers for my wedding day?” we have the answer for you

Long before Kylie Jenner was even a twinkle in Kris’ eye I was pouting away in photos. From high angled MySpace snaps to selfies solely for Instagram, point a camera at me and out comes the pout.  


However, I’ve always felt I was a little lacking in the lip department. If I whack out a full force grin my top lips all but disappears, and as a beauty writer it seems to me I don’t have a big enough canvas to test out all of the amazing lip products out there. 

So, when the opportunity to try out the Eudelo Plump & Revive Lip Booster (£649) I was cautiously keen. In that, I was desperate to try it, but I am generally a bit of a wetty about change. So I ummed and ahhed for four months, and eventually booked in at Eudelo’s Vauxhall clinic. 

My lips before – not happy at all to be sharing this!

Let me tell you a bit about the treatment. Unlike traditional fillers, the Eudelo Plump & Revive Lip Booster is made of your own blood and a hyaluronic acid formula, it’s anti-ageing and adds a subtle and natural-looking plumpness to your lips. Not a trout pout in sight. 

Now, I may be getting on a bit at the grand old age of 27, but I wasn’t going for the treatment for the anti-ageing effects, but, it is designed to fill out the lines around the lips that appear as lips deflate, so this could be an amazing treatment for the mother-of-the bride who wants to look her best. 

Back to me. After arriving at the clinic, a numbing formula was applied to my lips (see pic below), and I was left to my own devices for twenty minutes while it took hold. During this time my lips got so numb they felt like two giant rocks and I accidentally got some on my tongue and did start worrying I’d never be able to speak again. I was fine. And at least I knew the numbing cream had worked.

Worried about the numbing cream!

After I was well and truly senseless in the mouth department, I was shown into Dr Stefanie Williams’ office, who would be performing the treatment on me.

We talked through the treatment and she explained to me that because my lips were rather little, I would only have 0.4ml of the formula injected into my lips. I’ve heard on the grape vine that Kylie Jenner has 3ml injected into her lips, so 0.4ml didn’t sound like a lot, but as a first timer, it was a-okay with me.

Dr Stefanie let me ask her countless questions, from how much it would hurt, to how long it would take, to where would she inject me, and she made me feel totally at ease. Or as at ease as you can be when you’re about to undergo a cosmetic procedure. 

My blood after it was whizzed around

Next up, she took a sample of my blood, and placed it in a centrifuge for about 10 minutes. The centrifuge spins and automatically produces a platelet rich plasma, which was then mixed with the hyaluronic acid formula, ready to be injected into my lips. I took a photo of my blood sample after it had been in the centifruge. I’ve put it above. Sorry if you’re squeamish.

Afterwards, it was time to get down to business. Dr Stefanie injected me in the corner of my mouth (pain free) then inserted a cannula to distribute the lip plumping formula (not pain free).

I would say it was a 6/10 on the pain scale. Bearable, but I didn’t relish the idea of it happening four times (the injection / cannula procedure is done twice on the top lip and twice on the bottom, always in the corner). The only thing I can compare the feeling of the cannula to is that it felt like someone was sewing my lips – a sort of pushing and pulling feeling. It wasn’t painful enough to cry or anything, but I did grip my hands together pretty tight. 

My lips right afterwards- totally tube friendly

Dr Stefanie was so reassuring, though. After each injection she’d say “that’s one quarter done,” or “we’re half done” and that definitely made it go faster. 

After each injection Dr Stefanie massaged my lips to distribute the formula, and being the worrier that I am, I kept asking if she promised it wouldn’t go lumpy like the awful lips you see on botched up bodies. In the end she showed me the consistency of the formula – like a runny hair gel, I would say – and explained that it’s so soft, lumps are extremely unlikely. 

At the end I held a cold compress to my lips for ten minutes, while Dr Stefanie went over the after care with me (no saunas, apply the antiseptic cream to them, etc.) and booked me in for a check up in two weeks time to check all is well. There’s a pic above of how they looked straight afterwards. I felt comfortable enough to travel home on the tube, confident that nobody would gawp at me. 

While I’d love to pull off a Kylie Jenner pout, it’s just not realistic with a small mouth like mine, and if you’re dreaming of lips to rival the teenager, this isn’t the treatment for you. But if you are looking to boost your lips for your wedding day, I would 100% recommend this procedure. 

My lips the next morning

Dr Stefanie said that about four weeks before your wedding would be the ideal time to have it done, just in case of any swelling or bruising. I didn’t get any bruising, and by bedtime that night they weren’t even swollen any more, but I guess if you’re more sensitive it pays to be cautious. It’s not a dramatic change, it’s more like supercharging your natural lips – just being the absolute best version of yourself, I would say. 

I didn’t tell a lot of people I was going for the procedure (mostly because when I mentioned I was considering it, most people acted like I said I was having some kind of transformative face surgery, and I have no time for judgey people), but I did get  a lot of compliments the next day, about looking fresh, and pretty and awake (how lips make you look awake, I do not know), and none of those people knew I’d had anything done. It’s a little tweak that makes all the difference, and I say, if you’re considering having lip fillers for your wedding day, absolutely go ahead.

I took about 5000 selfies the next day, above is one I took first thing, which I think illustrates my new plump pout the best – sorry about the jim jams, I was too excited to take selfies to waste time getting dressed. Below is another selfie (I’m not even sorry) which shows how my new lips fit with my face. Hopefully you’ll agree that it’s not too over the top. 

Now excuse while me I try on all of my liquid lip glosses that have been waiting for their moment in the spotlight. 


The Eudelo Plump & Revive Lip Booster (£649) is available from March.