Wedding flowers for summer

Our favourite blooms for your summer wedding

Summer Flowers Orange



Ranges from a single, daisy-like bloom to multi-petal heads and small or large pom-pom shapes.

Perfect for: The brilliant lime green variety ‘Green Satin’ is a current favourite in wedding bouquets.

Sweet Pea

A delicate flower with a sweet, lingering scent. A classic wedding favourite but not long-lasting – they will droop in hot weather.

Perfect for: A simple posy or small bouquet for flowergirls and younger bridesmaids. They also make pretty centrepieces.


The most popular and romantic of all flowers and available in a huge variety of colours.

Perfect for: Bouquets for brides and attendants and for decorating the reception venue. Also great for buttonholes.


Available in a whole range of gorgeous colours from white to brilliant red and yellow.

Perfect for: Dramatic modern bouquets. Make sure the stamens are removed as the pollen will stain.


Highly scented dense purple flowers with silvery foliage. Available in a wide range of varieties.

Perfect for: Reception decorations. For a country wedding, display plants in terracotta pots in the centre of each table.


Available in an enormous range of colours, including white and hot shades of red, pink and orange.
Perfect for: Table centrepieces. Work best grouped together en masse to form a large pomander.


Large, subtly scented flower in a large range of shapes and colours from white to deep pink.

Perfect for: Everything from bouquets to reception decorations. Can be expensive so you might want to mix in other flowers.


Best known for its large heads of bright yellow petals with dark brown centres.

Perfect for: Creating impact. Sunflowers can be expensive but, because they are so large, you don’t need many!


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