Covergirl Caroline’s wedding planning countdown – 8 months to go!

Meet our latest wedding diarist, model Caroline Barton...

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Hi everyone


Let me introduce myself. My name is Caroline Barton, I’m 28 years old and I’m getting married! If my face looks familiar, it’s because you might have seen me on the cover of You & Your Wedding!

My fiancé Simon Clark is the love of my life, the bane of my life and the person who started out as the guy I thought I’d never fancy! Which just goes to show how strange and wonderful life can be.

Simon and I first met in 2002. I was living in Australia and had been for two years when one phone call changed the course of my life forever. It was Michelle, my model booker from Storm offering me a two-week assignment to Cape Town. How could I refuse a new adventure and the chance to visit Africa? Not long after, my bags were packed and I was on the next flight to Cape Town…

On the first day of work, the photographer’s assistant, Simon, came straight over to me. He was 6ft 2" blond, blue-eyed and has a gorgeous wide smile. ‘If you need anything, just let me know!’ It was nothing groundbreaking and didn’t leave my heart racing, but it was a sign of just how sweet he really could be.

I can’t say it was love at first sight as I had a boyfriend in Australia. But I was excited at having a new friend and over the course of the next two weeks we were inseparable, so when the job was over I was sad that we wouldn’t see each other again.

Still, I left and went back to Australia. I didn’t see Simon until the following year on the exact same trip to Cape Town with the exact same team!

It didn’t quite dawn on me just how much I had missed him, until I arrived back in the same old hotel and saw him in the bar with the rest of the team. I knew then that this was going to be a fantastic trip as I would get to spend the next two weeks with him.

It was like we had picked up from where we last left. Except this time I was single. On the last evening we organized a party for Simon’s birthday but then he came down with severe food poisoning and couldn’t get out of bed. Again could this be fate? Would I leave without saying goodbye?

It was left to Maureen, our make up artist on the trip, to do a little matchmaking. It was only then I realised that perhaps everyone else on our team knew what we hadn’t quite worked out for ourselves. We just needed some help from our friends to make it happen.

We had the most incredible evening and I never did make my flight back to Australia. Instead, I came back to London where I began a whole new life with Simon.

So, here we are, almost seven years later and we’re promising to spend the rest of our lives together. It is scary – it’s a big ask for anyone! But the thought of never having Simon in my life with his smiles, bad jokes and his kind heart would be far, far worse….

We’ve got just eight months before we get married – yikes!  Of all the adventures we have had together so far, I think this may be our most challenging yet!

So before I can reach my happy ever after I have the fun and fear of organising our wedding, and I’ll be sharing my planning journey with you!


Love Caroline x