Wedding things to do in bad weather

When it's bleak outside, look to these wedding planning tasks you can easily do from home

Hibernating from the weather and planning your wedding from your armchair is the most relaxing way to get things done. So put on your pyjamas and turn up the heating because here are a few things you can do without moving a muscle. 


Edit your guest list 

If you’ve already got your venue sorted, it’s time to start firming up the numbers, depending on how many guests your venue allows and what your budget can stretch to. If you’re over, get editing, starting with friends’ partners you’ve never met, kids if you can get away with it and distant relatives your mum told you to invite. 

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Write your vows

It’s often described as the task that gets put off and left until the last minute – because you want to think of exactly the right words to say. So choose a time when you’re relaxed and write your words from the heart, because the moment you say them is probably the part of your day that you’ll remember the most. 

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Choose your first dance song 

If there’s no obvious song choice that reminds you of each other, spend some time browsing Spotify for ideas or check out our list of the 100 best first dance songs. It may not be the most important aspect of your day but it’s certainly one of the most fun things to choose! 


Build your Pinterest boards

These are invaluable not just to gather inspiration for the overall look of the wedding, but also to give individual suppliers a glimpse into your imagination. At home, you’ve got the luxury of access to music and a glass of wine, so it’s easy to get the creative juices flowing. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got tons of gorgeous wedding pins to get you going.

Search for your photographer

When the fun is all over, your photographs will help transport you back to the happiest day of your life, so make sure you book a photographer whose work you connect with. Have a look through some of our real weddings to decide on a style that you love, and then arrange to meet a photographer who captures that feel. You could even arrange an engagement shoot to get a feel for how they’ll work on the day.

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Source your props

You don’t have to set foot in a shop to style your wedding these days. Many companies provide hire services, and if you’re getting a wedding planner, they’ll be able to sort the entire look for you. So whether you want vintage tea sets or elegant candelabra, it’s easy to cut high-street shopping out of your to-do tasks.

Get the ball rolling on legalities

For a civil ceremony, the first step to make your marriage legal is to contact your local register office. Although you’ll need to go in in person eventually, you can easily book an appointment to give notice of marriage over the phone.

Work that budget

If you don’t have Excel at home, there are loads of websites that let you plan your budget in a spreadsheet. Work out what you want to spend, if you’re willing to take out a loan and what has been offered by family members, then allocate a portion of your money pot to each aspect of the day. Obviously, if you end up spending more on something like the venue and dress, you can find savings elsewhere through DIY details and charity shop finds.


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