2016’s Best Wedding Speech

Can you guess the key element that made sure this wedding speech was crowned 2016's best?

We’ve witnessed a fair few wedding speeches in our time, ranging from Disney inspired readings to the totally inappropriate, but none have been quite like the one that was crowned 2016’s Best Wedding Speech by QHotels. 


Far from stumbling over a few cheeky anecdotes, best men Kevin Lake and Craig Adlington took their joint best man speech to a whole new level, breaking out into a personalised rendition of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap, charting the bride and groom’s journey to their big day. 

Image | Pixdeluxe

“As soon as we found out we’d be giving a joint best man’s speech, we knew it had to be something really special and memorable,” shares Kevin.   

“We loved the idea of having a musical element to the speech, so we used the theme tune to ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and rewrote the lyrics to make it really personal,” he continues. 

Looking at all of the finalists in this year’s competition for best wedding speech, it became clear that to really impress a crowd, speeches need to be all singing, all dancing affairs, as QHotels’ Marketing Director, Claire Rowland, points out: “Singing and musical speeches have continued to be a huge trend in this year’s awards. We also noticed more brides and bridesmaids breaking tradition by making their own speech.”

Image | Lulu

Another popular element of speeches is to rope in others (takes the pressure off!) and using props and backing music too. 

As for Kevin’s advice for others gearing up to give the most important speech of their life? Practice makes perfect! 

“Take every opportunity you can to practice. My wife and kids probably knew the lyrics to my rap even better than I did, I even practiced to the driver that picked me up to take me to the wedding that morning. It was nice to get a final opinion before I revealed the big speech!”


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