10 things to do when the You & Your Wedding wedding forum is down

We have some bad news; no, your venue hasn’t closed down, and no, your decor choices aren’t old-fashioned. The bad news is, the YYW forum is going to be down from the 19th of November, for a little while. 


While it’s down, you’ll still be able to view the posts, it just won’t be possible to add any new threads / post any comments.

It’s down because we’re migrating to a shiny new forum, which we can’t wait to show with you! (Some especially selected members have been testing it for you…)

We know how much our users rely on the forum for advice, inspiration, and sometimes a bit of a moan, so we’ll have it back up as soon as possible.

In the mean time, here are a few things to keep you busy while you wait for the forum to relaunch. We know some of you will have blitzed these tasks already, but this is for the less organised of you out there…

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1. Get Christmas shopping! It’s Black Friday on November 23rd and is the perfect time to pick up some bargain Christmas gifts for your partner. Or for yourself, if you fancy a treat! 

2. Order a Christmas card for your fiance; this might be the only year you get to buy a card that says “to my fiance” so make the most of it!  

3. Plan your bridesmaid proposal. If you’re yet to pop the question to your  besties, check out our gallery of ways to ask “will you be my bridesmaid?

 4. Catch up on box sets; we’re guilty of quickly going onto the forum to post one question about supplier advice and three hours later finding ourselves reading a thread about garters from 2008 – the evening has disappeared before we know it, and there’s no time to catch up on The Apprentice. or X Factor. Or Killing Eve. Embrace the forum blackout and get back into box sets for a few days.

 5. Invite friends over to do wedding crafts. While there’s nothing quite like chatting on the forum about all your DIY plans, inviting friends over to share a bottle of wine and create favours can be just as fun – and productive too! 

6. Create your wedding playlists. We’ve all been there; logging onto Spotify to create a playlist, and then getting distracted by a discussion in the forum. While no new comments will be popping up on your planning thread make the most of the time and create playlists for your ceremony, your reception and your wedding breakfast

 7. We know lots of people stay on the forum long after their big day (we can’t blame them!) so check out our guide on how to change your name after marriage – it pays to be prepared about these things! 

8. Many, many people hate doing their wedding table plan, but when there’s no forum to distract you, it’s the perfect time to knuckle down and get it done. 

9. And once that’s over, you can start thinking about how to name your tables, and even what your table plan will look like – it all gets easier when the seats are set in stone. 

10. Chase RSVPS. Boring, we know. And annoying. But 100% necessary and something it’s best to get out of the way.


Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the new forum!