Brides-to-Be, Here’s why you Need to go to The Unruly Wedding Show

Couples planning a wedding with a difference, this is the bridal show for you

If tradition isn’t really your thing, and you’re looking for a wedding show that suits your truly unique style, Unruly is the one for you.


Unruly is rulebook-free wedding event for modern, stylish and cool couples who want to break tradition and make their own rules.

The event takes place on Sunday, 29 October in London and promises to be an immersive, fun and interactive showcase, with free workshops and interactive sessions as well as the creme-de-la-creme of suppliers showing off what they can do for your wedding. 

Scroll down to see what you can expect from the show, and get a sneak peek at some of the supplied who’ll be at the show.

London Lightbox

London Lightbox presents a new twist on the long-standing photo booth trend, with their minimalist Obscura booths.

They bring the latest tech to a vintage format and boy does it look good. Perfect for every setting, each booth is fully customisable to blend seamlessly into your wedding design.

Katya Katya Shehurina

Katya Katya Shehurina bridalwear is vintage-inspired gorgeousness for the modern bride. With detachable colourful slips, mix and match separates and embroidered belts, every dress is perfectly unique for you. Elegant, understated and totally beyond the norm – come and see if one of these stunning gowns is The One.

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Faber Novella

Whether you are walking down the aisle, witnessing the vows or simply making an entrance, Faber Novella lets you create your dream shoes in four clicks. Check out their amazing combinations and styles at the show and try some of these bad boys on.

Fun Thyme

Fun Thyme’s food is best described as celebratory, natural and bold bringing together ingredients, techniques and recipes from Europe and beyond. Chef Matt is a pioneer of the sharing style format, and he’ll be inviting you to his table for free samples of his gorgeous street food.

Maid of Gingerbread

Maid of Gingerbread specialises in 3D biscuit sculptural centrepieces, bespoke cake designs and dessert tablescapes and they’ll be showing off some pretty amazing stuff at the show.

Known for their original, modern designs and intricate hand-piped details, with a focus on fun and colour, everything is a true one-off and really personal to the couple.

Grace and Thorn

Grace and Thorn will be greening up the show with their signature floral style. Drawing on the worlds of art and fashion rather than traditional florist designs, Grace & Thorn plays with unique combinations of textures and patterns so no two designs are ever the same.


Rewritten are rewriting the bridesmaids dress game. Whether it’s for the modern, cool bridesmaid or a well-dressed guest. Their designs are contemporary and comfortable, and your maids will definitely wear it again. We cannot wait to see what they show off at the show…

Through the Woods We Ran

Through the Woods We Ran are photography for non-traditional folk. Masters of candid and creative portraiture. Glenn and Lauren will be showing off their style by shooting the show, and chatting to you about how they can make your wedding memories next-level amazing.