The royal wedding rumours – true or false?

We reveal our opinions on the hearsay surrounding the royal wedding

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set to tie the knot on the 19th May, all we can talk about here in the You & Your Wedding office is the royal wedding. We’ve put together a list of the biggest rumours about the big day and we decide if we think they are totally true or completely false.


The Queen can’t be present at the ceremony because Meghan is a divorcée

Our verdict: False

In accordance to the faith of The Church of England, it’s not acceptable to re-marry while the spouse is still alive. However, on the 14th March The Queen released an official statement declaring her consent for her “most dearly beloved Grandson” to marry Meghan. So, we think The Queen will be there, by Harry’s side, to witness this very special marriage.

The Queen has to approve Meghan’s dress

Our verdict: True

Royal correspondent Emily Andrews speculated on Lorraine that The Queen will be seeing Meghan’s dress before the big day, as she has to approve it. Apparently, she did the same with Kate Middleton’s back in 2011, so perhaps Meghan has already shown her wedding gown to Her Majesty. What we would give to be a fly on that palace wall…

The Spice Girls will reunite and sing at the wedding

Our verdict: True

Mel B confirmed that all five of the Spice Girls are invited to the wedding of the year and that they are back under the same management. We’ve got our union jack dresses at the ready, hoping and praying that this is true!


Look at all of those rumours! Images: Getty Images

Meghan will be breaking with tradition by making a speech

Our verdict: True 

A source told The Sunday Times that Meghan wants to take to the floor to pay a tribute to her beau, Prince Harry. Meghan isn’t a stranger to public speaking – she has been an advocate for feminism and various charities in the past by conducting speeches. We hope Meghan does stand up and give a bridal speech.

Her mum will be walking her down the aisle instead of her dad

Our verdict: True

Meghan’s parents, Doria and Thomas separated when she was six and Meghan remained living with her mum. The close connection between Meghan and her mum led people to speculate whether she would be the one to ‘give Meghan away’. We think she’ll be her much-needed rock and will be by her side on the biggest day of her life.

Meghan will be wearing a Ralph & Russo dress

Our verdict: True

The likes of Erdem, Alexander McQueen and Ellie Saab are all in the running for designing Meghan’s dream wedding gown and even Emilia Wickstead and Burberry are in the mix too. But, there’s no doubting that Ralph & Russo are the hotly-tipped favourites. The Ralph & Russo team have recently visited the Royal School of Needlework which we think could be one big clue!


Meghan won’t be promising to ‘obey’ Harry in her vows

Our verdict: True

Princess Diana broke with royal protocol in 1981, and Kate Middleton followed suit in 2011. Giving Meghan’s strong feminist opinions, we think that she will be dropping the word ‘obey’ from the traditional wedding vows.

So, that’s our opinion on the upcoming royal nuptials. Comment below if you agree or disagree – we’d love to hear from you!


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