12 things that change when you get married

They say you don’t feel a difference when you go from being a Miss to a Mrs, but we think there are some subtle changes to look forward to.

Photography | Sarah Gawler

1. You feel more secure
Not that you didn’t before, after all, you were already committed to each other. But there’s something about saying those vows that definitely makes you feel stronger as a couple.


2. You’re ready for anything
No matter what life throws your way, you feel more united and ready to face any challenge together.

3. Saying ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ is awesome
Sure, it’s a bit weird at first, and feels like a very adult thing to say, but it’s wonderful when you get used to it.

4. You get a new family
Even if your other half’s family has been incredibly welcoming, marrying into it really feels like you are a part of it, and that these new parents/siblings are just an extension of your own.


5. People look at you differently
We’re not saying everyone of course, for most people you remain the same. But for others, there’s a new respect for the fact you stood up in front of everyone and made that promise. Also, don’t ask us why, but when dealing with customer services, a Mrs gets more respect too!

6. You have new milestones
Whereas before, you celebrated first date, first kiss and other first anniversaries, it’s like the slate has been wiped clean. You will now celebrate this major life event and sort of forget about the rest.

7. You fight differently
Ok, so you probably wouldn’t have broken up on a whim before either, but now you think twice about arguing over little things, and you work extra hard to make your relationship work because it’s worth it.

8. Time goes quicker
You feel like planning your wedding took an eternity, but once you get married, you won’t believe how quickly time goes, you celebrate your first anniversary before you know it.


9. Your habits change a little
Feeling more secure and loved up, most of the time you would rather spend a cosy evening in then go out for drinks with friends.

10. You have new dreams
With the wedding been and gone, you can’t wait to make new plans, be it buying a home or starting a family, or planning an amazing trip around the world.

11. You spend money differently
Even if you had a joint account before, this really hits home that it’s your money as a couple rather than yours as an individual – and you don’t think of it as him/her paying for a date, rather that you are both treating yourselves.


12. You feel a little more in love
As corny as that sounds, it’s true. Having vowed to love each other forever, in front of all your friends and family, makes you feel like you’re in the honeymoon phase all over again.