Bride eats burger at hockey game in her wedding dress

Everyone is falling in love with the most laid-back bride ever. After all, how else would you celebrate getting married?

Most people enjoy a good old knees up after their wedding reception. It might involve a bit of singing, perhaps a touch of dancing, and most definitely a lot of drinking.


These newlyweds though, they did things differently. They went to an ice hockey game instead.

Erica Skuta and Lewis Blake are both avid fans of their hometown hockey team, Minnesota Wild, you see. However, as they both now live in New Zealand, it can be a bit tricky catching a live game, other than on TV.

So when they travelled back to America for their wedding, and saw there was a game on that same day, they thought it would be rude not to go.

Off they went, still in their wedding attire, to enjoy the game while munching on some juicy burgers.

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The couple were caught on camera, and the video has since been doing the rounds, with everyone praising just how laid-back the couple are.

A crisis very nearly occurred at one point, where it looked like a drip of fat from the burger was about to drip on Erica’s wedding dress.

Ever the knight in shining armour, her new hubby managed to wipe her chin just in time though. Phew!

Ah, if that’s not love, we don’t know what is.


Watch the full video below: