Bride-to-be Spent a Year Persuading Craig David to Attend her Wedding

She tweeted Craig David every day to invite him to her wedding

It seems persistence really does pay off, as bride-to-be Sophie McEvoy proved; she tweeted Craig David every day for a year in a bid to get him to attend her wedding later this month, and her wish has come true!


Her attempts didn’t stop at tweets, she also had a giant banner made to take along to one of his performances, that read “WE LOVE YOU CRAIG!!! #MACWEDDING”, and when one of her pals did a skydive, they wrote “’Craig David… MAC WEDDING???’’ on her hand and showed it to the camera as she sailed through the air.

While Craig was favouriting and responding to tweets, he never confirmed he would be making an appearance on the big day… until now!

Australian radio station Hit105 set up a call between Sophie and Craig, and he let the big news slip.

“I’ve seen every tweet for the last 365 days, I was trying to keep it all a secret for you and come last minute, and do a little something for you on your wedding day,” Craig revealed.

“We’ve been talking to your event planner, we were trying to keep it to that last minute. It’d be an absolute pleasure, anyone who’s been tweeting me that much!”

Scroll down to watch the video where Craig FINALLY confirms he’ll be at her wedding.


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