Bridesmaid Banned for Being Unattractive

One man forbid his fiancé from having her best friend as a bridesmaid because of her looks

Are we right in thinking your fiancé didn’t have much say in who your bridesmaids are? They’re your besties and you wouldn’t feel like a bride without them by your side, after all. 


But believe it or not, one bride was told by her husband-to-be that she couldn’t have her friend as a bridesmaid because she wasn’t attractive enough! The cheek of it!

Image | Tetra Images

The bride took to online forum Reddit to share her story, where other users were understandably outraged by the behaviour of her partner.  

The bride to be wrote in her post: “Me and my fiancé are starting to plan our wedding. It has been brought to my attention that he does not want my best friend to be in our wedding because she is not attractive. He says he doesn’t want her ruining our wedding photos and only wants attractive people in our wedding party.” 

“I think that this is absurd. I don’t care whether or not people in our wedding are attractive. I don’t know how to handle this. Sadly I don’t have many girlfriends to pick from so I’m at a loss.” 

She followed the story with a plea for advice from other users. which incited a tired of furious comments with many users questioning whether she wanted to marry a man who could be so cruel, and others suggesting that the marriage is doomed for failure. 


What do you think? How would you react if your H2B said your BFF was too ugly to be at your wedding? We certainly hope it isn’t one of the arguments you will have during wedding planning!