Bridesmaids Spend on Average 43 Hours Helping the Bride

All those hours reading wedding magazines with you and scouting out venues add up!

When you were dreaming up ways to ask your BFF to be your bridesmaid, we bet you never imagined you’d be asking her for over forty hours of her time, but that’s what all the little bits and pieces she helps you with add up to – longer than a working week!

There’s more to it than helping you into your dress

A recent survey by Simply Be revealed the amount of time each wedding task takes up, and we have to say we’re kind of surprised by what takes the most time.

13 hours of your bestie’s time is spent attending wedding fairs with you – you both know the drill; scope out amazing vendors, grab a goody bag and pick up as many free pens as you can.

The next longest job? Organising your hen party. To make sure you have the hen do of your dreams, your bridesmaids spend 11 hours setting up WhatsApp groups, booking flights (if you’re fancy like that), looking up hen party game ideas and making sure everyone you want to be there is free. No wonder it takes 11 hours, eh?

Accompanying you in the search for your dream wedding dress is the task bridesmaids spend the third amount of time on, whiling away eight hours on average, followed by six hours spent at dress fittings.

Finally, five hours is spent attending hair and make-up trials to make sure the bride is looking her picture perfect best on the big day.


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