Couple asks guests for random acts of kindness instead of wedding presents

Not your usual wedding gift list!

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While a traditional wedding gift list sin’t the done thing anymore (who needs another toaster or sugar pot?), it’s fairly common for newlyweds to ask their guests to contribute to their honeymoon instead.


Not the kind to stick to traditions however, are Leigh McManus, 36, and James Clark Jr, 41, who decided to do things completely differently when they tied the knot in Florida. They asked friends and families for acts of kindness towards strangers instead.

The bride told Huffington Post, “As our wedding approached, we wanted to do something to give back. The world had given us something we both spent a lifetime looking for — true love. How could we not show our appreciation and gratitude for the happiness we’d found?

“We decided that the best thing we could do was to spread kindness through our wedding.”


So in the run-up to the big day, guests set about helping others, whether it was buying someone in need lunch, or cheering up a stranger.

One guest gave up her upgraded seat on a plane so that a family could sit together, while another paid for the dinner of a couple at a nearby table at a restaurant.

One of Leigh’s bridesmaids brought pet supplies to an animal shelter, and another delivered flowers to local hospitals and nursing homes.

The happy couple couldn’t think of a better send off on their happy day, with Leigh saying, “Our gratitude for the love we have for one another, and for those in our lives, was magnified that day. 


“The best way we could share our love with the world was by spreading it through kindness onto others. Thank you to our guests and loved ones for helping us accomplish that.”